How to boost your energy levels and stop falling asleep at your desk

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A new study has shown that 1 in 6 workers fall asleep at their desk at least once a week. We've got these easy ways to boost those energy levels right up…

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A recent study conducted by Virgin Pulse questioned 1,140 employees across the USA and revealed that 1 in 6 of workers are falling asleep at their desks, with a whopping 76% saying they feel whacked most days.

This calls for some serious action.

If you're finding 2014 exhausting already, you may need to give your energy levels a little boost too.

Here's a few helpful ways to feel full of the joys of spring and less cranky.

Eat breakfast

We all know it's the most important meal of the day – but making sure you have a healthy start to your day will keep your energy levels up and snacking at bay.

A warming bowl of porridge should do the trick.

Sort out your bedroom

If you want to be more awake during the day, make sure you get better sleep at night.

Go to bed and get up at the same time every day and form a routine. Don't watch TV in bed and keep your room cool to help you fall asleep.

Making your bedroom a tidy, clean sanctuary will invite a better quality of sleep.

Get some air

It's easy during a busy day to never see daylight. How depressing. Make sure you take time to get out at lunchtime and have a little walk.

It will not only boost your mood, but experts say a brisk 10 minute walk will increase your energy levels for up to two hours.

Increase your magnesium

Tiredness may be a result of a magnesium deficiency. The mineral is used to make sure glucose is broken down into energy, so it is important to keep it's levels up.

The recommended daily intake for woman in around 270mg a day. Make sure you're getting enough by adding a handful of almonds, hazelnuts or cashews to your daily diet or having a bowl of bran cereal for breakfast.

Clean out your gut

If you constantly feel tired and bloated, the health of your gut needs addressing.

Avoid using aspirin, cut out all alcohol for two to four weeks, don't drink any fizzy drinks (including diet varieties) and ensure you drink eight glasses of water a day.

Have more sex

Frequent sex will increase your health and get rid of fatigue. It boosts your brain function, burns calories, gets oxygen pumping around your body and relieves stress and depression.

Oh well if we have to…

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