Top 5 gifts women DO NOT want on Valentine's Day

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He hands you a beautifully wrapped box on Valentine's Day, you open it and...what the hell is that!

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Valentine's Day can be a minefield of gifts, soppy cards, disastrous evening meals and botched mini-breaks. So if you're worried your man has a dodgy gift up his sleeve, leave this page conveniently open on your laptop next time he's in the room.

Avoid any kind of teddy bear holding a heart

Bombing through a card shop buying the largest card and the most gaudy teddy bear does not constitute a present. Seriously, where are we supposed to put a giant bear holding a heart that says 'I love my girlfriend'?

Women do not want kitchen related gifts

Romance is about chocolate, flowers and candlelit dinners, not practical presents that will help us clean, cook and stay clean. We appreciate there's a fine line that chaps have to walk - juicers and smoothie makers are okay, but whisks, saucepans and cheese graters are NOT.

No thanks to ill fitting underwear

If you are going to buy underwear at least go to the effort of checking it's the right size. Never ever buy anything crotchless, made of candy or designed to look like a cheerleader unless expressly permitted by your other half.

No homemade vouchers of any kind

An 'IOU one back rub' scribbled on a post it isn't the same as a gift. It's not romantic and we certainly won't be chomping at the bit to 'redeem' the voucher any time soon.

We don't want something for you, disguised as something for us

A golfing trip for two might sound like a great idea but it's not. The same goes for football tickets, a 'date at the races' or a day go-carting. If she has never expressed any interest in doing it at any point in your whole relationship, she probably won't want to do it for Valentine's Day.

If you receive any of the above this Valentine's Day you might want to rethink your entire relationship. Just sayin'.



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