Could social media ruin the romance at your wedding?

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Poppy Delevingne has banned Instagram from her upcoming wedding. She's clearly been reading up on her social media etiquette.

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Social media plays a big part in modern day wedding planning, but could the over share generation threaten the romance of your wedding day?

According to reports, Poppy Delevingne has banned her guests from instagraming any snaps at her upcoming wedding to James Cook, giving all the rights to the fashion-conscious mag, Porter.

Magazine deals aside, she is not alone.

An annual report brought out by American bridal institution, David's Bridal, revealed that 56% of newlyweds feared people putting up pictures of their wedding day or bridesmaids giving the game away on social before the big day.

So we've had a go at creating the social media weddings rule book. Because we're strict.

Wedding day social media rules

Rule 1. Bridesmaids will go into phone prison
The bridesmaids get to see a lot of big wedding secrets before everyone else, but they might not realise how important it is to keep the wedding prep off the radar. From wedding dress fittings, to reception room decorating – rule number one of wedding club is, no sharing the bride's secrets.

Rule 2. Facebook priority belongs to the bride & groom
It is the bride and groom's prerogative to put up the first wedding photo online. Don't take that away from them.

Rule 3. Be kind & picture edit
Everyone has them – those friends who indiscriminately put up every single little photo they've ever taken regardless of who has their eyes closed, or a double chin. This does not wash on a wedding day.

All guests must consider whether the bride or groom would be upset by this unflattering photo going public. If in doubt, just don't do it.

Rule 4. Untagging is allowed
Newlyweds are entitled to untag themselves from any unflattering Facebook photos that slip past rule three without people being offended.

Rule 5. Put it away
Whilst many couples are now utilising technologies such as Skype to include far away people in their wedding – if you are at the wedding day, be at the wedding day. The world does not stop if you do not go on Instagram or Twitter for a few hours.

Show the bride and groom some respect. Unless you're checking all the latest news at, then we're cool about it…

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