What to pack in your handbag for a festival

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A last minute checklist for your festival handbag packing. Don't forget the wet wipes now.

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Sure you've got your tent and instant noodles, but what should have you have on your person day to day?

Here's our last minute packing guide for what to take in your handbag...

Wet wipes

You can shower with them, take your makeup off, use them to clean your hands after going to the loo - the possibilities are endless.

Buy it on your break - olive sunglasses - tortoise shell sunglasses - handbag.com

© Olive Clothing

In case, just in case, it turns out to be sunny. Or at least to hide your hangover.

Try these tortoiseshell ones, £18, oliveclothing.co.uk

Hair bobbles
elastic band

© Flickr/odolphie

For all your mid day hair dramas. No one wants to go back to their tent because of bad hair.

Energising healthy snack
Bounce protein balls - Handbag heros - healthy snacks - protein diet - healthy food - food news - handbag.com

We're a big fan of Bounce Balls - tasty protein balls only made with good stuff and packed with energy. They're small so won't take up valuable bag space and will keep you going all night long.

Does everything balm
Lucas papaw ointment - festival beauty essentials - beauty bag - handbag

© PawPaw shop

Not started a love affair with Lucas Paw Paw yet? This nifty balm can be used to moisturise dry patches, soothes chapped lips, on sunburn, to tame unruly hair - the list is endless.

10 best sun creams

An essential. Try this Elizabeth Arden sun cream stick for its handy handbag size and less mess.

Light scarf
Kelly Brook wraps up in Louis Vuitton printed scarf

© Kelly Brook/Instagram

A light scarf is invaluable. It will keep you warm when things cool off or you can use it to cover up in the sun. Tie it on your bag to save on space.

Back up phone charger
Solar powered phone charger

Gone are the days where you have no phone after the first day. There is now a multitude of compact chargers you can keep in your bag for added juice.

Follow our essential guide to the best bag chargers around.

Hand cleansing gel
gym beauty bag essentials - body shop hand sanitising cleanse gel - handbag.com

© Body Shop

We love this hand gel from The Body Shop. Not only does it get rid of any nasty festival bacteria you might have picked up, it smells like zingy grapefruit.

Filtering water bottle
Bobble Bottle

Take one of these snazzy water bottles with you that filters your water as you drink it. Means you can stay hydrated all the time without having to fork out for water, and know it is all lovely and clean.

Bobble Bottle, £8, Tesco.com

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