Different ways to give up smoking

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From chilli powder to freezer power, here are a few weird ways to help you quit smoking and cigarettes once and for all.

Quit smoking
Trying to quit smoking but just can't get on with nicotine gum or e-cigarettes? We've rounded up the best, most unusual ways to try and kick the habit.

According to the experts at Boots there are 160,000 different ways to stop smoking so chances are if you're still struggling, you just haven't found the right one for you.

Here's some of our favourite techniques.

Chew something - anything

There's a reason why 42% of quitters use nicotine gum. Often, the desire to smoke is more about holding something in your mouth rather than actually being pulled by nicotine cravings.

Try chewing something instead of having a cigarette or carrying a packet of sweets, tic tacs or jelly beans.

Use money as incentive

Calculate exactly how much money you would save by quitting smoking and plan exactly what you're going to spend that money on.

If you can, arrange to do something with someone with the money, like going on holiday or a spa weekend away.

21% of people start a piggy bank to collect the money saved from not smoking. So, every time you forgo a packet of fags put a five pound note in a jar and watch the money pile up.

Keep your hands full

If you're anything like 19% of smokers you'll try holding something between your fingers as a distraction technique.

Have a pencil, a paper clip, a coin or a marble handy so you can fiddle with that until the desire to hold a cigarette lessens.

Social Avoidance

17% of people find it helpful to spend more time in libraries, cinemas, theatres, museums, churches and shopping centres in order to avoid the lure of cigarettes.

Alternatively enforce the idea that there is only one place you can smoke, like a patch of grass at the back of your garden - if it's raining cats and dogs you'll be less likely to want to smoke.

Make bets with your mates.

If you know someone else who's planning to give up, why not team up and make a pact.

If they give in and succumb to temptation, they have to buy three dinners. If you're the one to smoke first you have to splash the cash. Supporting each other is a great way to stay focussed.

Hide your cigarettes.

Roughly 9% of Brit smokers will try hiding their cigarettes around the house so they aren't easily accessible. Either you can ask someone else to do this, or, better still, throw them right at the back of the freezer - it's almost impossible to light a frozen ciggy!

8. Have your teeth professionally cleaned.

Splash out on a whitening treatment or a professional clean and you'll be less likely to want to ruin the sparkle with more brown staining and yellow patches.

Start burning other things

Amazingly, 4% of Brits think using their trusty lighter to flame candles and incense is a good distraction technique. It's gotta' be worth a try right?

10. Make cigarettes taste rank.

You know when you were a kid and you painted that foul-tasting varnish on your nails to stop biting?

Well, try dipping your cigs in something equally nasty. Chilli powder, fairy liquid and salt water are good options.

11. The old rubber band classic.

Put a rubber band on your wrist and snap it as hard as you can - eventually, hopefully, you'll associate craving a cigarette with pain and you'll learn to stop.

Remember there are eight million smokers in the UK, so you won't be the first (or the last) to try some of these silly stop-tricks. Research shows you only have to battle for four weeks until the cravings subside. In fact, quitters who last four weeks are five times more likely to stop for good.

What do you think? Are you going to give some of these quit-tatics a try?



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