The 11 dating rules we learnt from TOWIE series 11

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TOWIE may make great TV but it's also a guide to dating - the epic fails to avoid and cheating scandals to learn from. Let Danielle and Lockie and Chloe and Mario be your teachers.

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Whether it's a cheating scandal for Danielle Armstrong and James Lock or the beauty that is Diags and Fran, what would TOWIE be without the relationship drama?

A really boring look at some shops and overly decorated flats in the Home Counties really...

So, we decided to create a cheat sheet - no, Lockie, this isn't for you - a guide, to what (not) to do in the dating world.

Dating rules according to TOWIE

Avoid heartbreak with these simple tips.

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1. If there's a Twitter 'fish finger' call them

In Essex it seems that if someone's thought to have cheated, they probably have. MIC's Binky's convinced there's a reality TV show curse.

Either way, from Ferne and Frank Major to Lockie and Sally Axl, you'll find out at some point.

2. Agony aunts must stay up to date on lingo

Make like Bobby and crack out words like 'uncoupling' - he's been reading the news. Well, what we call news.

3. Prepare for the fallout if breaking the girl code

Chloe Sims has learned the hard way that, even if it's just a drunken kiss, thou shalt not go where a friend as been before.

She and Lauren Pope have still not made up since the Mario situation came to light.

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4. Drunken sex with people who love you is not a good idea

If you know someone loves you and you don't feel the same, these things are best avoided.

Unless, like Arg you want some public declaration of love and tears. Awkward.

5. Nor are naked selfies

Whether posted by said scorned lady, or someone else, a naked selfie never stays private for long.

6. Two wrongs don't make a stable relationship

Ferne McCann and Charlie Sims had a seriously dysfunctional relationship.

The Frank Major situation made this abundantly clear. If one cheats, cheating in return isn't really going to help.

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7. Shouting 'I am girlfriend material!' won't impress

Sorry, if he's not interested, he's not interested. Yes, Jasmine we're talking about you.

8. Buying girls flowers will make them think you're keen

Louis proved that a bouquet of roses on a girls car will give them the wrong impression, if of course the impression isn't 'I really like you and would like to date you'.

Why would Grace have thought that hey? Crazy.

9. You can't avoid the in-laws

Although we will agree that the Ricky, Elliot battle was highly boring, it does back up the obvious - family is family. Better try and get along, if you can.

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10. Don't date the person your best friend loves, even to be nice

Somehow Tom's plan to get Diags and Fran together by dating her first worked.

However, we would not suggest trying this in real life. Terrible idea!

11. Don't live date on TV

If you really want to avoid the drama, make like Sam Faiers and take it off camera.

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