Olivia Palermo had low key wedding like Keira Knightley

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Did Olivia Palermo sneak off and get married in secret? Here's what we know so far…

Olivia palermo on Bride Magazine - colourful wedding dress article - day bag - handbag.com

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Olivia Palermo apparently snuck off and got married in a low key ceremony and didn't tell anyone.

The New York Post suggests the it girl had a secret wedding at New York City Hall last weekend with just three guests.

The reason being that fiancé Johannes Huebl was having issues with his visa, so they decided to bring forward their St Barths wedding that was supposedly planned for later in the year.

However a spokesperson for Palermo says it isn't true, but they are getting married in June. So...that would make it this weekend then?

"They had always planned to have a small civil wedding in June. The whole visa thing is not relevant. They have been together for six-and-a-half years, they got engaged this past January. They travel so much during the summer, they really don't have much time to plan things.

They are not married yet. They are doing a much smaller civil ceremony in the States this month and they are planning to do something much larger later on."

We're confused.

Here's what we thought we knew about their wedding so far….

Olivia Palermo's got blonde highlights

Olivia Palermo gets blonde highlights ahead of her wedding - celebrity hairstyles - celebrity beauty - celebrity weddings - day bag - handbag.com

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The style socialite popped into Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa at Loews Regency Hotel in New York City this week for some new blonder highlights. Perfect for a summer wedding, no?

They have a marriage license

Olivia palermo and johanne shuebl - fiance - sundays - style - handbag.com

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According to E! News, the couple were spotted going into the City Clerk Marriage Bureau in NYC earlier this month where they stayed for over an hour. An hour people!

That means they have a marriage license, or just really enjoy hanging around clerical offices in their spare time.

New York wedding

olivia palermo and johanne shuebl - fiance - kissing - sundays - handbag.com

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So if they have their licence does this mean they will be getting wed in the big apple itself? Well according to the latest gossip, we're going to say yes.

What day will the wedding happen?

olivia palermo - fiance - sundays - handbag.com

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We hope it is a Sunday. The couple love to post pictures on Instagram of them being adorable every week and just writing #Sundays.

Olivia Palermo will wear a colourful wedding dress

Olivia Palermo wears bright yellow dress

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Speaking to Brides magazine, Olivia talked up the virtues of adding colour to your wedding dress.

"Even if your dream dress comes right off the rack, add your own touch. Play with colour. It's all about the styling," she said. So a colourful or patterned wedding dress then?

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