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RPatz and KStew pictured together again? Beyoncé booked for X Factor?

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1. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart pictured together

We've been saying it for weeks but now there's proof that RPatz and KStew are totes back together, after pictures of the couple were posted by Entertainment Tonight Online.

They were spotted at Ye Rustic Inn in L.A, hanging out with a large group of friends for several hours inside the bar.

Sources said the couple were in obvious good spirits, and even "cozied up to each other." Onlookers said there was no sign of tension between them at all, as they laughed and joked and enjoyed their drinks.

2. Simon Cowell books Beyoncé for X Factor finale

The Mirror have reported that Simon Cowell is so confident that Ella Henderson will make the final three, that he's already planning for her to sing with Beyoncé.

A source told the paper: "We are delighted to get Beyoncé on the show because she is such a huge crowd pleaser and will make sure the final goes with a bang.

"The last time she sang with Alexandra it was incredible and we hope to have her sing a duet again. Ella is the one most likely to sing with her because hearing their voices together would be just amazing.

"The show is still in its early stages, but Simon hasn't wasted any time in trying to line up acts for the final. He wants to get in there before Strictly."

3. Miley Cyrus turned down X Factor USA

There were a lot of rumours earlier this year that Simon Cowell was trying to get Miley Cyrus on the X Factor USA panel - now Miley has revealed why it didn't happen.

She said, "I just don't know if I want to be some dream crusher.

"Would you really want to sit there as someone is belting their heart out – even if it is like hearing nails on a chalkboard – and then say to them: 'You suck'?"

Miley admitted that she was scared her honesty might have upset hopefuls.

She added: "I have no filter, so I would be scared I would say something and they would go home and say: 'Miley Cyrus ruined my dreams'. It seems harsh."
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