Hen party confessions of a Butler in the Buff

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Getting your bum out for brides-to-be is all in a day's work for Finian Swansea...

butler in the buff
What sort of skills do you consider to be essential for your job?

Charm, manners, wit, confidence but not overly. An ability to deal with any situation that arises in a professional manner and of course a good sense of humour.

How did you become a Butler in the Buff?

Being a poor student, I needed some more money. My mum had come back from a hen party that weekend and told me about her butler, much to my amusement.

She then decided that this job will be very good for me. I obviously deemed it an unsuitable conversation to be having with my mum!

But when I was complaining about being poor at uni, she sent me the link and I finally applied.

Describe an average evening/day as a Butler in the Buff?

I wouldn't really say there was an average evening, they all have a lot of variety which is a part I enjoy a lot about it as it keeps you on your toes and you're always meeting new people.

During hen parties there are normally a few games involved - a 'Mr. and Mrs.' quiz is popular.

Handing out drinks and making cocktails is pretty normal and it's generally just keeping all the women entertained with interesting little stories and so on. I can't say I've never enjoyed an evening's work.

Describe the emotions of a typical hen during a hen party?

The hen normally starts off very shocked as her friends usually book me as a surprise, you can tell deep down that she is pleased.

They always seem to be a bit embarrassed at first that your bum is out but they very quickly warm into it, not literally, and by the end they are normally asking you to stay later to enjoy the party and play more games.

One of my favourite reactions was during a pyjama hen party I went to, I initially walked in and the hen screamed ran out and shouted she was going to be put some more make-up and nicer clothes on.

What is the funniest hen party experience you have encountered?

There's been many! One of my most memorable was an 80th birthday party I went to on a casual Sunday afternoon inbetween writing an essay for my psychology degree (an interesting break, I know).

The birthday girl loved it, even asking a hand massage from myself, and making me play a game of crib with her.

I then had to cook, well I say cook, it was more overseeing a roast dinner and serve it to them. I'm not the best chef but I think Gordon Ramsey would have been pleased with what I managed to conjure up.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon and luckily I didn't spill any gravy in any inappropriate places!

For more info on booking a Butler in the Buff for your hen doo, visit henheaven.co.uk



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