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Prince Harry talks THOSE Vegas pictures! Taylor Swift's back in the UK for Harry?

Prince Harry redeployed to Afghanistan

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We've kept our eye out for all the biggest rumours of the day and served up all the juicy gossip right here...

1. Prince Harry talks about his naked picture scandal

Prince Harry has admitted that he let his "family down" when he was photographed naked with a woman during a hotel party in Las Vegas last year.

In an interview to mark the end of his military tour of Afghanistan, Prince Harry said: "I probably let myself down, I let my family down, I let other people down.

"But at the end of the day I was in a private area and there should have been a certain amount of privacy that one should expect.

"It was probably a classic example of me probably being too much Army and not enough prince. It's a simple case of that.

"The papers knew I was going out to [Afghanistan] anyway, so the way I was treated from them, I don't think is acceptable."

He also spoke about his brother Prince William and wife Kate Middleton expecting their first child.

"Obviously I'm thrilled for both of them, it's about time and I can't wait to be an uncle," he said.

"I think it's very unfair they were forced to publicise it when they were, but that's just the media for you."

Hey, we're not all bad Harry!

2. Taylor Swift flies to the UK to meet up with Harry Styles?

Taylor Swift is back in the UK and rumour has it she's meeting up with a certain Mr Harry Styles.

Taylor and Harry were thought to have split up over the new year but we ahve a feeling there's still love in the air for Haylor.

The singer landed in Luton yesterday and travelled down to a London hotel which is conveniently close to Harry's home.

A source said: "Taylor flew to Luton and then travelled to London yesterday — and there's talk of a meeting with Harry being on the cards.

"She has no obvious reason or promo duties in London this week.

"Harry has just got back from a small tour in Japan with the band and now has four days off.

"Out of all the hotels there are in London, Taylor has opted for one close to Harry's house."

Stay tuned folks...

3. The Saturdays' Mollie King has a pretty woman moment?

Looks like The Saturdays need to work a little harder breaking the US after Mollie King was mistaken for a poor person and given the Pretty Woman treatment when she went shopping stateside.

She tweeted, "Oh NO I've just had the Pretty Woman incident where they tell me I can't afford anything in the shop…"

She added, "How long do I leave it before I walk back in with all my bags and say "BIG mistake. Huge!" ;-)"

Just like the popular 1990 flick, Mollie was turned away by a member of staff at the shop, who assumed that she wouldn't have the money to buy anything.


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