The Gossip Mill: Has Mark Wright quit reality TV for Michelle Keegan?

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Is Russell Crowe dating Samantha Barks? Helen Flanagan's pro-anorexia scandal!

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright

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We've kept our eye out for all the biggest rumours of the day and served up all the juicy gossip right here...

1. Mark Wright has quit reality TV for girlfriend Michelle Keegan?

Mark Wright has said he would never do reality TV again.

The Take Me Out: The Gossip host is all loved up with Michelle Keegan, and he's decided he wants to keep that his new relationship private rather than played out on out TV screens.

Mark said, "I'll never do a show like TOWIE again.

"I won't ever put my personal life on the line again. It could ruin the relationship and it puts a lot of stress on it."

He continued, "I did it for a year and I'm quite glad I'm out of it and doing well for myself.

Sometimes you just want to be private again."

We'll just have to make do with all the other reality show stars who still like to share their lives with us!

2. Is Russell Crowe dating his Les Misérables co-star Samantha Barks?

Russell Crowe is rumoured to be dating Les Mis co-star Samantha Barks following his split from his wife Danielle Spencer in October 2012.

The pair met when the I'd Do Anything contestant bagged herself a role in the flick beating out the likes of Taylor Swift to play Eponine.

Australian magazine, New Idea reports that the pair have "a special relationship" and an insider at the Oscars after-party revealed, "She was continually touching his sleeve, giggling and sitting in awe of his every word, and he was lapping up every moment."

Russell also mentioned on Twitter that he was working out with Sam as he wrote, "Work out with @samanthabarks 4km walk, 30mins elliptical, 4 min prone hold, shoulder routine, lats, bench, Turkish stand [sic]".

He also complimented her before their Oscars performance, saying, "Last tech rehearsals for the Big O will be looking amazing tonight, worth tuning in just for that."

But Samantha's father, Richard, has denied that there is anything between the pair, saying that they are "simply friends".

We'll be sure to keep our eye on these two!

3. Helen Flanagan in pro-anorexia Instagram scandal

Helen Flanagan doesn't really seem to have much luck when it comes to her actions on the Interweb.

After THAT gun to head snap she uploaded following the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting, the actress finds herself in yet another Instagram drama.

Helen simply liked another user's post which had the message "craving is only a feeling" written over the image of a slim bikini body.

However, images like this are all over pro-anorexia and pro-bullimia sites leading to anorexia and bulimia support charities having a go at Helen.

The charities are questioning Helen's "irresponsible, ill-informed" endorsement of the message, so much so that she has this weekend apologised for her actions.

Speaking to The Sun, she said, "It is difficult being a role model.

"I am grateful to The Sun for being able to guide me on the right path and help me to better my moral quest in life."

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