5 easy ways to be more romantic with poetry by performance artist Indigo Williams

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It's World Poetry Day, so what better time to brush up on your sonnet skills...


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Indigo Williams knows a thing or two about poetry. As a performance artist, she burst on to the scene in 2010 and has since performed across the UK and Europe at various events including London 2012, The Big Chill festival and for BBC Radio 4's performance poetry series 'Bespoken Word'.

If romance is affection expressed thoughtfully, then love poems are one of the oldest romantic gestures on the block. The problem is we live in a fast paced society and have become accustomed to immediate gratification - gone are the days of waiting for a love letter in the post, now we just send an email!

The popularity of 'Spoken Word Poetry' continues to grow, bolstered in part by social platforms, which have served as the perfect catalyst for catapulting poetry videos to a greater audience. A recent animated video from American poet Shane Koyczan went viral with over six million hits in six days!

According to Indigo, technology is transforming the way we communicate affection...but not stopping us from communicating. We asked her to help us banish the cheesy rhyming couplets and discover a few slightly more unusual ways to introduce poetry into our love lives.

Five Easy Ways to Be More Romantic With Poetry...

Not everyone is gifted in composing poems so it says a lot when someone goes through the trouble of making even the simplest of verses.

1) Put a new twist on the old love letter

Record your own love poem using the Dictaphone on you smartphone, transfer it onto a CD or USB using your computer and send it in the post. This is a great way to surprise a long distance love.

2) Create your own e-book of favourite love poems

There are tons of free online apps that let you upload a Word or PowerPoint document to create an online e-book, like Yudu and DocStoc, which you can then send on to the man of your dreams.

3) Mixtape of Spoken Word love poems

We've all heard of a mixtape of love songs that you give to a love interest, but why not try making a mixtape of Spoken Word love poems. Read aloud your favourites (or his), record them on your phone and send via email or as a USB.

4) Send a quick voice note or electronic card with a haiku

Remember, a Haiku is usually written in three short lines, sometimes even just a single line. It should convey a feeling or an image. Simple and effective if you just want to remind someone you love them with a note on the fridge or bathroom mirror.

5) Turn a favourite poetic line into a Gif and send it in an email

What line best sums up the way you feel about that special someone? If it's important to you, find a video (or make one) turn it into a visual representation using a gif generator online and send it on.

Will you be using poetry as a flirting tool this weekend?




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