The Gossip Mill: Jay Z hires cigar roller for Legends of the Summer tour

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Katy Perry is taking a break from men following split! Kardashians to sue Ford?

Jay Z at the 40/40 Club

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We've kept our eye out for all the biggest rumours of the day and served up all the juicy gossip right here...

1. Jay Z to have personal cigar roller on tour?

Jay Z isn't one to hold back on any luxuries in life so we weren't surprised to hear that the rapper has hired a personal cigar roller to take on his Legends Of The Summer tour with Justin Timberlake.

The pair are happy to puff up a storm in their Suit & Tie video so we reckon they'll do the same backstage.

Speaking to The Sun, a source said, "Jay met this cigar expert at a friend's private party recently. He had been hired to roll cigars for guests in a smoking room.

"They were chatting for ages about the origins of tobacco and all the different types and then Jay-Z offered to have him on board for the tour dates."

Apparently, Jay and Justin want a "gentleman's club" vibe backstage during their gigs together.

Not the sleezy stripper type but the ones with expensive cigars, whisky and probably some poker.

2. Katy Perry is done with men?

Looks like Katy Perry is taking a break from men following her split from John Mayer.

The pair are thought to have split up last week and now Katy has decided it's time for some quality me time.

Speaking to Heat Magazine, an insider said, "It's been a really tough time for Katy."

"John just emotionally bailed on her. She can't believe she's back to square one. She's had enough of men."

They added, "Katy is concentrating on healing, working on new music, and spending time with her girlfriends."

3. Kim Kardashian to take legal action against Ford?

The Kardashians have confirmed that they have planning to take legal action after a spoof Ford advert showed them bound and tied in the boot of a Figo car while Paris Hilton smiles on.

The poster was supposed to highlight the car's spacious boot but the car company has since issued an apology and chastised their external ad agency for releasing the artwork.

The cheeky but very controversial ad could now land Ford in serious trouble!

The family's lawyer said, "The 'leave your worries behind' Ford ads are disgusting, vile and offensive to all women.

"It is unacceptable that Ford would align itself with an ad agency that would so carelessly release these ads. The Kardashians do not take this lightly and they are exploring all of their legal options."

A spokesperson said that the images were apparently uploaded without agency or client authorisation.

In a statement, JWT said that they "deeply regret the publishing of posters that were distasteful and contrary to the standards of professionalism and decency within WPP Group."

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