The Gossip Mill: Made In Chelsea's Louise Thompson dumps Spencer Matthews?

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David Wallians talks Simon Cowell's nipples! Rihanna and Chris Brown have split?

Spencer Matthews and Louise Thompson

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We've kept our eye out for all the biggest rumours of the day and served up all the juicy gossip right here...

1. Made In Chelsea's Louise have dumped Spencer?

Made in Chelsea's Louise Thompson has reportedly dumped Spencer Matthews.

The couple allegedly split after Louise's brother caught the Spencer in bed with another woman!

According to The Mirror, Louise is now dating his on-screen rival Andy Jordan.

The former couple were seen arguing in the first episode of series five after Louise found out that Spencer had been in contact wirh Lucy Watson while they were on a break.

We still can't believe she stayed with him after she found out he had cheated the first time!

2. David Walliams talks about Simon Cowell's erect nipples!

We don't even want to ask why David Walliams has become the expert on Simon Cowell's nipples but it seems he's noticed a pattern.

The Britain's Got Talent judge said, "Whenever I see him they [Simon's nipples] always seem to be erect.

"You can see them through his jumper!"

This comes after Amanda Holden revealed that Simon doesn't wear underwear when filming the talent show!

Why the focus on Simon's body and clothing all off a sudden eh?

3. Rihanna and Chris Brown have split?

It looks like on/off couple Rihanna and Chris Brown are off again for now.

While performing at a concert in LA, Rihanna said to the crowd, "How many of you are in love? How many of you hate love?

How many of you don't f**king understand it? I'm in that group."

According to OMG Yahoo, Rihanna said this before performing the emotional track, What Now.

The song contains lyrics like, "I found the one/ he changed my life/ But was it me that changed/ And he just happened to come at the right time
I'm supposed to be in love but I'm numb again"

As well as, "There's no one to call/ 'Cause I'm just playing games with them all/ The more I swear I'm happy/ The more that I'm feeling alone."

Split rumours ran wild after Chris was spotted getting cosy with a waitress in Hollywood but she has spoken out to say that she is just his regular waitress at the club because she knows his friends.

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