The Gossip Mill: Have Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne split up?

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Louis TOmlinson gets girls fro Harry Styles? Robbie Williams wont duet with Adele!

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

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We've kept our eye out for all the biggest rumours of the day and served up all the juicy gossip right here...

1. Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne set to split up?

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne's 31 year marriage is thought to be coming to an end.

It's being reported that the pair are living apart after financial problems put a strain on their relationship.

Work commitments mean that Ozzy will be away on the Black Sabbath reunion tour whil Sharon stays in LA to present The View.

Oh and the possibility of Sharon joining the UK X Factor judging panel.

Speaking to The Mirror, a source said, "The financial situation has been a real burden for them both and has put huge strain on them. These were big bills, and it has been very difficult for both of them.

"What makes things even harder for them is that they've both got huge work commitments for the rest of the year which stand in the way of them spending much time together. It's a shame because they really need some quality time to sort things out.

Ozzy and Sharon have moved out of their Beverly Hills home, which is being renovated while it's up for sale. Sharon has moved into a luxury hotel, while Ozzy has rented a mansion.

A spokesperson for the couple has said, "They're like that. It's the Osbournes, not the Waltons."

We hope they can work things out!

2. One Direction's Louis Tomlinson gets girls numbers for Harry Styles

You wouldn't think Harry Styles needed help in the ladies department but it seems his luck is all down to his wingman Louis Tomlinson.

Louis – who is happily dating student Eleanor Calder – has revealed that when it comes to chatting up girls he's the one brave enough to ask girls for their phone numbers.

Speaking to US magazine, Tiger Beat, "I am Harry's wingman. I do help the other boys talk to girls they like. There is a lot of that.

I'm the really blunt one, so if Harry wanted someone's phone number I'd be like, 'Basically, Harry wants your phone number'"

Who knew Harry was so shy?

3. Robbie Williams and Adele duet is NOT happening?

Robbie Williams has denied rumours that he will be recording a duet with Adele.

Speaking to RTÉ Ten, Robbie admitted that he is "too terrified" to ask the star to duet with him.

He said, "She and my wife, Ayda, are really good friends and I'm really good friends with Simon [Konecki], her boyfriend.

"We're good pals, but I wouldn't ask Adele to sing on my record.

"The whole world wants Adele to sing on their record. I think we'll just leave it as a nice friendship, so that story about a duet is totally made up."

However, Williams did confirm that he's planning to record a duet with Michael Bublé for the LP.

He added, "I can tell you that Mr Michael Bublé is on the album.

"Me and Michael on the same record, I'm so excited! We're going to record a song I've written and graciously, he thinks it's a good tune too and wants to be on it... I am a big fangirl of him.

"He's quite a presence. I'm a popstar, I've got a 'character' and a 'personality' and all that but when he comes into the studio, I stand back and just enjoy him being him."

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