The Gossip Mill: Harry Styles "pulls" One Direction fan on party bus in Oslo

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Sharon Osbourne replaces Tulisa! Phillip Schofield tops weirdest crush poll!

Harry Styles pulls fan in Oslo

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We've kept our eye out for all the biggest rumours of the day and served up all the juicy gossip right here...

1. Harry Styles pulls a 1D fan in Oslo?

Rumour has it Harry Styles got it on with 18-year-old student Camilla Foss after he was invited on board a party bus by a group of 1D fans in Oslo.

Speaking to The Sun, a source said, "There were loads of girls pawing him but he focused on Camilla. It got pretty sweaty in there. Fans are saying they've been seen kissing and she's been spotted at his hotel."

We bet Camilla is on cloud nine!

2. Sharon Osbourne replacing Tulisa on The X Factor

Another story about the X Factor but this time it seems talk of Sharon Osbourne replacing Tulisa really is true.

Speaking to The Mirror, a source said, "Sharon and TV bosses feel there is very much unfinished business following her first stint on the show – and are delighted that she has agreed to return. It was never about the money for Sharon.

"She genuinely loves the programme and considers her previous time on the panel as being a very fulfilling time in her life.

"Simon Cowell knows that Sharon ruffles a fair few feathers – and he hopes deep down that she will do the same on this year's panel."

Can they just confirm the panel already?

3. Phillip Schofield tops wierd celebrity crush list

Phillip Schofield has topped a list to find the UK's 'Weirdest Celebrity Crush'.

The This Morning co-host was crowned the winner with 22% of the vote, run by Cadbury Crispello.

Check out the full top 10 below...

1. Phillip Schofield (22%)
2. David Walliams (20%)
3. Boris Johnson (12%)
4. Jack Black (9%)
5. Johnny Vegas (7%)
6. Bill Bailey (7%)
7. David Mitchell (6%)
8. Alan Carr (5.3%)
9. Frankie Boyle (4%)
10. Ricky Gervais (4%)

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