The Gossip Mill: Beyoncé cancels Belgium gig because she's pregnant?

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Spencer Matthews headed for Hollywood? Katy Perry's mum prayed for her divorce?

Beyoncé pregnant

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We've kept our eye out for all the biggest rumours of the day and served up all the juicy gossip right here...

1. Beyoncé cancels gig due to pregnancy?

So the rumours that Beyoncé is pregnant have just gone even more into overdrive now that she's cancelled a show in Belgium!

The singer has cancelled the gig due to "dehydration" and "exhaustion" so she's following doctors orders to rest.

However, Us Weekly reports that a source close to the star has denied that she is pregnant said, "This rumour again?".

While another insider said, "Don't be silly. I know another kid is in the future, but it wouldn't make sense for her right now while on tour."

Either way, we hope Bey isn't overworking herself, she already has one little girl who's going to need her mama fit and healthy!

2. Spencer Matthews swaps Made In Chelsea for Hollywood?

Despite Hugo Taylor's failure to launch a career out in La La land, it seems Spencer Matthews is going to give Hollywood.

Speaking to The Mirror, he said, "I've been sent a movie script, it's got Paul Wesley from the Vampire Diaries.

"I am excited. It would mean going over to America later this year, but I wouldn't turn my back on Chelsea for good.

"Ultimately the dream is to be an actor – I did a lot of acting training before going into the City," he says of his potential new career direction."

Umm okay then...

3. Katy Perry's mum prayed for her to divorce Russell Brand?

Katy Perry has revealed that her mum was not impressed with her marriage to comedian Russell Brand and prayed about the couple's divorce.

Katy's parents Keith and Mary Hudson are strict pastors which lead to the popstar having a very religious upbringing where various things were forbidden from her childhood, including music.

According to The Sun, Katy said, "Growing up, I wasn't allowed to listen to non-religious music. Madonna, my idol, was considered worse than the devil."

"I thank God every day for having made us all the same way and I pray for anyone who fights for freedom of speech."

She then added, "I'm pro-gay marriage and want equality between genders. My mum thanks God every day for my divorce."

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