The Gossip Mill: Rylan Clark sent naked pictures to Blue's Duncan James?

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Ian Somerhalder gets naked! Nicholas Hoult moves on from Jennifer Lawrence?

Rylan Clark enters CBB house

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We've kept our eye out for all the biggest rumours of the day and served up all the juicy gossip right here...

1. Rylan Clark talks naked pictures!

Rylan Clark has admitted to sending a naked picture of himself to Blue singer Duncan James.

See Rylan wants to date Duncan and he thought a naked picture would do the trick!

Speaking to Now magazine, Rylan said, "I'm too embarrassed to tell him [that I fancy him], although I did send him a naked picture of myself.

"He texted me saying it made his day. Whether he likes me in real life I don't know, I'm too shy to ask.

"Get it out there for me, 'Sort it out, Dunc, take me out on a date'. I don't know if he'll look at me - he could have any man he wanted."

Clark was recently announced as the new host of Big Brother's spin-off show, Big Brother's Bit on The Side. He will be replacing Emma Willis, who was recently confirmed as host of the main show.

Who knows maybe Rylan and Duncan will be the new it couple!

2. Ian Somerhalder talks naked prank!

Even though the pair are rumoured to have split, The Vampire Diaries star was happy to relive some memories with his then girlfriend Nina Dobrev.

Speaking to the audience at The Vampire Diaries BloodyNightCon Europe in Brussels, Ian said,"It was season three, episode one and Damon's in the bath tub and he's having champagne.

"Damon gets out of the bathtub completely naked, so I was really naked, except for some suds and I had to walk out into the main room and I run into Elena and there I am naked."

Anyone else having fun picturing this scene?

Ian continued, "We shot all my coverage (where the camera is on me) first and then we flipped it around to Nina and because Nina had seen it now ten times with every take, we decided it would be very interesting to get a real reaction out of her.

"As the cameras were rolling, she figured that I'd be wearing a robe or something."

He continued, "No robe, no suds and props people had made these elephant ears out of felt and I double stick taped them to my thighs and Nina turned around... All she could see was me completely naked with elephant ears and a very small trunk."

"Very small"... don't sell yourself short Ian!

Oh how we wish we were Nina!

3. Nicholas Hoult dating Riley Keough?

Rumour has it Nicholas Hoult has moved on from Jennifer Lawrence with Riley Keough!

Now some of you might recognise that Riley Keough happens to tbe the granddaughter of Elvie Presley.

So the would-be pair were spotted strolling around NYC's Standard hotel and then the next day they were spotted taking another cosy walk in NY.

We'll keep you updated!

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