The Gossip Mill: Tulisa's medical treatment over arrest panic attacks

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Katie Price to launch YouTube channel? TOWIE cast banned after fight on the show

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1. Tulisa "receives medical treatment" following her drug deal arrest

Apparently Tulisa has been receiving medical treatment following her drug deal arrest last week..

The former X Factor judge reportedly suffered from panic attacks after being released on bail and realising that police had been in her house, confiscating her laptop and her phone.

Speaking to The Daily Star, a source said, "Tulisa went into the police station trying to be positive and strong but came out a complete mess, shattered and in shock.

"She started struggling to breathe and suffered a minor panic attack. She knows her career is pretty much in tatters. The realisation of how serious it all is hit her. At first she was just in shock but now she's terrified she won't come back from this.

"She's been struggling to sleep and has been in floods of tears. Tulisa comes across as tough but deep down she's quite vulnerable."

We'd be having panic attacks as well if we were in her shoes.

2. Katie Price to launch a YouTube channel?

Katie Price has been a bit AWOL on the TV front for the past couple of year but never fear, she's planning to come back.

The glamour model turned empire is planning to launch her own YouTube channel which will show interesting things like her going about her everyday life.

And you only need to pay £1 per video so you can watch the video to your hearts content.

Speaking to The Sun, Katie said, "YouTube is the way forward. I'm starting my own channel. I'm going to charge people a pound a clip.

"I could be in my kitchen cooking or mucking out my horses. I could be riding them. I could be on holiday saying, 'look at me do this dive'. It could be absolutely anything.

"Instead of spending hours and weeks doing one show, you can just control it yourself."

Good luck with that Katie...

3. Lucy Mecklenburgh and Jessica Wright banned from TOWIE?

We all know the TOWIE lot get into a few fights ever now and then but we were a bit shocked to hear that ITV have suspended Lucy Mecklenburgh and Jessica Wright from the show because of one.

Apparently, the two girls got into an argument at Arg's house and it was "way worse than normal". ITV producers literally had to step in and break it up and have even decided that it was too vicious to show on TV.

An ITV spokesperson said, "While our investigations continue, producers have informed Jessica and Lucy that they will not be filming.

Ooooer, what do you think?



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