The Gossip Mill: Robert Pattinson writes song about Kristen Stewart?

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The Voice UK's Cleo Higgins is a diva? Tulisa confronted by intruder at her home?

Robert Pattinson is the new face of Dior Homme fragrance
1. Robert Pattinson is getting over Kristen Stewart by writing Taylor Swift style break up songs?

While we've been busy trying to make Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry the new IT couple, we've completely forgotten that the poor bub is still nursing a broken heart over his split with Kristen Stewart.

Apparently, the split has inspired Rob to pick up his guitar and write some songs to help ease the pain.

A source has been quoted saying, "Rob's always had half a mind on his music, but when his film career and relationship with Kristen both took off at the same time, something else had to give.

"He's really enjoyed picking up his guitar again properly and it has given him something to focus on during the break-up.

"Everyone's saying that he's really talented, but he's adamant we'll only be seeing him in films for the time being."

We can't help but wonder if his musical BFF K Pizzle is another reason why he's getting back into the music.

Have a listen to Rob singing below...

2. The Voice's Cleo Higgins is annoying contestants with diva demands?

The Voice UK semi-finalist Cleo Higgins has reportedly annoyed her fellow contestants with all her diva demands.

According to The Sun, the former Cleopatra member has apparently ordered producers to provide her with several items for her live performance tomorrow including smoke machines, a group of backing dancers and a catsuit.

Plus she keeps changing her song choice several times.

A show source said, "Cleo is absolutely going for it this week. She has made no bones about the fact she wants her solo performance to blow the others out of the water.

"She is determined that the song choice has to be perfect and has also asked the bosses to pull out all the stops when it comes to the special effects.

"She knows what she wants and certainly isn't afraid to ask for it. For her costume, only a catsuit will do."

The insider added, "The team are doing their best to accommodate her, but the growing list of demands isn't doing her any favours.

"The rest of the contestants are all getting wound up because they don't see how she is managing to get away with bossing everyone about."

It's Cleo against the amazing Leah McFall to make it through to the finals and it is going to be EPIC.

3. A screaming intruder decides to confront Tulisa at her home.

Some people do the strangest things...

Why Tulisa's drug deal scandal made someone feel the need to go and to her home and bang on her front door demanding to see her is a question we would love to know the answer to.

At first we though maybe it's a "hater", but then again it could be a fan. Then we got scared and thought hopefully it's not one of the "sweet" sellers that she boasted having in her phone book.

Tabloid reports claim that Tulisa sent her PA Gareth Varey to answer the door, who then had a "heated altercation" with the fan who fled the scene before police managed to track him down and make an arrest.

Hertfordshire police confirmed they had arrested a 24–year-old man from Stamford Hill in North London on Wednesday.

They stated, "The man was served a first warning for harassment. He was released with no further action and all parties involved are satisfied with this."

Cray cray stuff right?

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