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No bread? But I bloody love bread...

Jane Shackleton on scales for blog Bridal Bible
Now that we've got a venue visit in the diary I'm feeling much more relaxed. So relaxed that I'm happy to avoid wedding talk for a while and concentrate on feeling happy and healthy, safe in the knowledge that someone loves me enough to put a ring on it.

Who am I kidding? Rather than focus on the sensible things such as a venue, dates, saving up – I've gone into mild panic over my ever-fluctuating body shape. After all, I don't relish the thought of squeezing my back fat into a tight white wedding dress for everyone I care about in the entire world to see - I want to look my best. No pressure then.

I'm one of those girls you read about on Handbag.com, 6.1 new diets a year with failure after 21 days on average, all with zero effect. I don't want to be that girl anymore. I'm a responsible, engaged woman. Who still bites her nails, watches Hollyoaks and can't avoid the pic 'n' mix at the cinema. Hmm.

So I begun 'Mission: banish the back fat' and promptly booked a personal trainer and signed up for a triathlon. I don't do things by halves.

My personal trainer gave me a list of foods to eat and told me to avoid processed carbs and bread. I started training 4 times a week, ate healthily and amazingly, for once in my life I stuck to it. A month later I've lost 11lbs, reduced my body fat percentage and my arms slowly began to tone up. I'm getting there!

I just completed my first ever triathlon and loved it so much that I immediately signed up to another, I think I'm addicted! I've just got to make sure that whilst one day I may have a body to be proud of, I don't end up without a wedding – I had better get back to it!

Jane Shackleton is getting married in March 2015. Read about her wedding planning in Bridal Bible every Monday.
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