5 things to consider before choosing your perfect wedding perfume

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You've got the dress, the shoes & maid of honour - but have you picked your scent?

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Cancel the wedding photographer - in a year's time when you want to remember your wedding day, the only thing you'll need is a whiff of perfume.

That's because smell is one of the strongest senses when it comes to evoking memories. If the smell of lavender instantly transports you to your granny's living room, or the scent of the sea reminds you of childhood trips to Cornwall, you'll know what we mean.

And in the same way that the smell of Lynx Afrika reminds you of your first boyfriend (or the school bus, at least) the scent you wear at your wedding will always be associated with the memories of the day. That's why you want to get it right when choosing a new perfume - it's distilling your wedding into a single sniff.

1. Stay true to you
Do you always go for crisp and clean citrus notes, or do you feel more comfortable in sandalwood and musk? If you're opting for something new on your wedding day, remember that you want to feel like you - so go for something similar to what you usually wear.

2. Don't overwhelm your nose
You can only test a few perfumes before you lose your sense of scent, so don't attempt to try more than four at a time. Bin those tester cards and spray the perfume on your skin (the smell can vary from person to person) and let it settle for an hour or so to see how it develops.

3. Ignore your mum
Sounds harsh, we know, but resist the temptation to canvas opinion from your mum, sister, or bridesmaids. Perfume is such a personal thing, only you can decide if you like something.

4. Consider your flowers
Your wedding bouquet won't just look pretty - it may well have a strong smell of its own, especially if its made up of roses or freesias. If you're worried about overdoing the fragrance, wait to apply your perfume until the reception.

5. Share with your hubby-to-be
Give your fiancé a chance to smell your new scent in advance of the wedding. Men and women can have different views on smells - while basil and lemon may smell chic to you, it may make him think of his mum or a freshly-cleaned changing room. Let your dress, not your perfume, be the things that surprise him at the altar.




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