10 reasons why a hand written letter makes you feel so much better

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Do you remember the time before mobiles and email. Oh, how they were wonderful...

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Do you remember the ancient art of letter writing? Somehow it seems to be dying out in this fast paced world of social media, texts, emails and bullet points.

Don't get us wrong, WE LOVE all the modern ways of communicating, but wouldn't it be good to take some time over hand writing letters to friends and loved ones again?

Two years ago, coach and writer Sandra Peachey decided to start writing letters again and discovered it to be a fabulous and personal way of working out her demons, solving problems and celebrating her crazy and amazing life too.

10 reasons to start writing letters

1. It's so easy to do: sit down with a pen and paper or at your computer and you are all set.

2. It's probably the most personal form of written communication - these are your words, written in your time - and it is after all your letter - so make it all about you.

3. You can get things off your chest - have a rant or what ever you want to do to let off steam, and the brilliant thing is, that no one ever needs to know - you don't even have to send the letter - it's up to you.

4. You can write down and analyse what has happened to you in life, what you've done, where you've been and who with - and take as much time over it as you need.

5. Whilst it's easy to blame and criticise, use these letters as a power for good - to heal, to move on, to let go - so always see the positive side about everything you write about, no matter how hard that might be.

6. Celebrate in your letter. This may seem weird if you are getting some dark and crazy things off your chest, but just try it - it's a very important step in moving you towards healing the issue that you are working on. Pick at least 3 positive points to make and include these in your letter.

7. Work it all out - you have given yourself time and space to think about, move forward on and solve your issues, even if that is simply the release of those negative or busy thoughts and feelings that have been dogging you for days.

8. You have written it all down - well done! Now read it over a few times and absorb it. You may want to tweak or change it. Notice how you feel now - if you feel better then great. If it's still niggling at you though, then it means you need to explore it some more and writing more letters is the perfect way to do that.

9. Decide whether you are going to send the letter or keep it for yourself. It can go to the person you wrote to/about; it could be read by a trusted friend or confidante; if you have permission or have disguised the names and facts, you could go 'public' with it - Sandra started an internet blog and then published a book!

10. Alternatively it can be for you and you alone. If you seal it in an envelope and decide to read it at some point in the future - maybe in 6-12 months, you will often be amazed at how differently you feel now.

Something as simple as writing a letter can make such a huge positive difference, be so liberating and so healing. Why not give it a try and let us know how you get on in the comments box below.

Sandra Peachey is Coach and Writer at www.peacheydays.co.uk



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