29 ways to spot if you're having a quarter life crisis

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This is a very stressful time. A very stressful time indeed...

Angry screaming
What could possibly be wrong in your late twenties? Well, quite a lot actually.

A survey has found that a three quarters of 26 to 30 year olds go through a quarter life crisis where they experience dissatisfaction with their lives.

Sound familiar? Here's how to spot if you're in the middle of yours...
1. You've written a 'before I'm 35' bucket list.

2. You feel like you have lost purpose and decided to keep a journal to see if you can't find it in a stream of consciousness.

3. Examining your face in the mirror for increasing signs of wrinkles and/or sagging is freaking you out.

4. Overachievers that are younger than you incites rage (yes, we're looking at you Taylor Swift and Kristen Stewart).

Kristen Stewart wears Stella McCartney at 2013 met ball

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KStew is 23 and earned $22 million last year, making her the third highest paid actress. Do one Kristen.

5. You've researched how long you really can, biologically speaking, put off having kids.

6. Placebo on repeat much? Playing your favourite teenage angst songs when no-one's around is now your guilty pleasure.

7. You're thinking of a career change which would reward you with a better quality of life. Question is, nutritionist or charity work?

8. You've booked a holiday with your friends where you plan to go crazy and stay out until 7am partying every night (but you'll actually be drinking wine, talking mortgages and catching up on some sleep).

9. A drastic haircut seemed like a good way to either prove a) you're serious about your career or b) you are still way cool.

10. Two day hangovers are now standard.

11. The maps are out and you are planning a round the world adventure because past a certain age, staying in a hostel in Bangkok loses it's charm.

Hong Kong markets, travel

© Karen Edwards

Get South East Asia out your system now

12. Money, money, money. You constantly worry about how much you earn in comparison to your friends.

13. You've taken up yoga to help clear your mind.

14. You turn down a late night McDonalds because your body won't thank you for it tomorrow.
Big Mac

© McDonalds

'Oh no, I'll be paying for that for days'

15. Aesthetically speaking, you have decided on a style for yourself instead of just blindly buying what's on the Topshop mannequin.

16. You keep getting your age wrong when people ask.

17. You wish you'd stuck at learning a language and/or musical instrument like your mum told you to.

18. Other people's weddings are taking over your life.

New girl wedding episode

It's been seven weddings this summer, but who's counting?

19. Of your friends that aren't getting hitched - the others are breaking up.

20. Questioning the health benefits of food instead of just minesweeping the discount section at the supermarket is standard.

21. You've realised you only need a few good friends. not masses of acquaintances.

22. Finances still baffle you – but now you worry about figuring it out instead of presuming your Dad will explain it to you.

23. You've decided to learn an extreme sport while your body can still take it. Skiing, surfing and water skiing are all on the agenda.

Fit Ski holiday with The Healthy Holiday Company

© The Healthy Holiday Company

Pick this up before your back & hips start to ache with the cold.

24. Birthdays are bringing you out in a cold sweat that only tequila can cure.

25. At least three of your friends have babies/are in the process of growing them.

26. You find yourself saying things such as, 'I don't feel like myself anymore' or 'I just don't know what I'm doing with my life.'

27. You have reminisced about what you wanted to be when you grew up at some point in the last 6 months.

28. Facebook is more of an irritant than anything else.

29. If you hadn't written a 'before I'm 30' bucket list - you're off to make one after reading this.

10 steps to self improvement

'I was beginning to wonder...'



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