5 reasons why you should book your cinema ticket for We're the Millers

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Jennifer Aniston's new comedy is guaranteed for loads of laughs

As the premiere for the brand new comedy film, We're the Millers takes place today, we've taken the opportunity to round up a few reasons why you should be booking your tickets for when it hits cinemas later this month.

We're the Millers poster

1. There's lots of laughs

As it's a comedy film about a bunch of misfits that are thrown into a crazy situation, you kind of expect tons of laughs and hilarious jokes. Jason Sudeikis plays David Clark who masterminds the idea of creating a fake family so that he can smuggle drugs out of Mexico. Jennifer Aniston plays a stripper, Rose O'Riley to pretends to be his wife while his fake kids are played by Emma Roberts and Will Poulter. Sounds like a good plot line if you asks us, we're sold.

2. The SNL/Friends reunion

Saturday Night Live star, Jason Sudeikis and former Friends gal, Jennifer Aniston reunite for their third film together. The twosome have been in the hilarious Horrible Bosses and The Bounty Hunter in the past. Plus, they'll reunite next year for Horrible Bosses 2. As friends in real life, the two improvised a lot of their on-screen banter, so that's sounds like a lot of fun.

3. Brit on the town

British newcomer Will Poulter puts on his best American accent and plays the fake son, Kenny who's an 18-year-old virgin. In the film, Will raps along to TLC's Waterfalls as well as engaging in some mouth-to-mouth action with Jennifer and Emma as his fake mum and sister show him how to French kiss. Ooh.

Jennifer Aniston as a stripper in We're The Millers

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4. Jennifer Aniston strips down

Yep. Jennifer plays a stripper in the film and she looks smoking hot as she bares those legs and performs a striptease. She even gets soaked in once scene, a la Flashdance style. To prep for the role, the actress worked out every morning and stuck to a diet of greens, veg and kale. Grim.

5. It's not very PG

Well actually, it's rated 15 in the UK. It's full of rude jokes and gags so it's not one that you'd take a younger person to see. It's sort of a mash-up between The Hangover and What Happens in Vegas so it's a whole load of fun.

Watch the trailer below...

We're the Millers hits UK cinemas on 23 August.



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