Miley Cyrus at the VMAs: five more controversial pop performances

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Exactly whose footsteps is Miley Cyrus following in?

Miley Cyrus VMA performance

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Miley Cyrus is trying so hard to shed her Hannah Montana Disney good-girl image. Twerking, grinding and nuzzling against Robin Thicke, her performance at the MTV VMAs last night was, um... kind of painful to watch, actually. Judging by the audience reaction photos that have since emerged, that's a fairly popular opinion.

If Miley wants to be controversial she could do worse than taking a few pointers from these pop stars who did it first and did it better.

Beyoncé impresses at the Billboard Music Awards in 2011

Bey always gives a good show and the world was awed by the projection technology used for this performance of 'Run The World'. It was groundbreaking and not particularly controversial. Until it was suggested that Bey had been more than inspired by an Italian star Lorella Cuccarini, that is, who did something extremely similar back in 2010.

Rihanna's suggestive X Factor outing results in 1,000 complaints in 2010

RiRi did 'What's My Name?' live on the X Factor final in 2010 and generated more than 1,000 complaints to OFCOM with her raunchy performance. Dropping her monochrome striped robe, RiRi finished the song in little more than a bikini and, being pre-watershed, upset a few of the home audience.

Sinead O'Connor does Saturday Night Live in 1992

Sinead isn't one to keep her political opinions to herself and created a bit of a fuss in 1992 when she tore an image of the Pope in half during a stint on Saturday Night Live.

"We have confidence in the victory of good over evil," she sings, before proclaiming, "Fight the real enemy!"

Janet Jackson's Superbowl wardrobe malfunction in 2004

Janet was performing at the biggest show on earth with Justin Timberlake when a dance move went wrong. JT's sleeve caught on Janet's top and ripped part of it away revealing her breast.

The result was a $550,000 fine and this remains the reason that every live sporting event in the US is shown on a 10 second delay. Whoops!

Madonna and Britney Spears kiss at the VMAs in 2003

Twitter wouldn't exist for another 3 years but just IMAGINE if it had. The internet would surely have exploded as Britney and Christina Aguilera (we'll forgive you for forgetting that she was there too) donned wedding dresses to sing Madonna's 'Like A Virgin'. Madonna entered - dressed as the groom, obviously - and made out with both of them.

Giant teddy bears and a foam finger? Pfft.
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