Relax! Here's why Charlie Hunnam will be a great Christian Grey

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Dear Charlie Hunnam, we think you'll do just nicely...

Charlie Hunnam

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Will everyone just chill. All this anger about Charlie Hunnam being Christian Grey is getting out of hand (and making women everywhere look a bit nuts).

We actually think Charlie Hunnam is a great choice (go ahead, troll away Ian Somerhalder fans - we're ready for you) and after we explain why, we want to hear no more on the matter...

1. He looks like this without his shirt on

Charlie Hunnam in Pacific Rim

© Warner Bros.

Clothes would definitely 'hang' from him...

Look. Just look. Christian Grey, the man with the personal trainer who works out obsessively - he needs to look like this. Robert Pattinson's scrawny boy chest was just never going to cut it (sorry RPats, but you know it's true).

2. He looks like this in jeans

Charlie Hunnam

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Our inner goddess thinks everyone needs to simmer down

Now do a spot of Photoshopping in your mind - merge him in the jeans, with the topless shot above and place that package in a red room.

3. He looks like this in a suit

Charlie Hunnam

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'We aim to please Miss Steele...'

Now doesn't he look good as the domineering, super wealthy CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings? Maybe once he's had a hair cut and a shave of course, but this is obviously his Sons of Anarchy look.

4. He has dusty copper coloured hair
Something that Ian Somerhalder would have looked downright stupid with. Come on, you've all read the books - at what point did Ian look anything like Christian Grey? Never, that's when.

Ian Somerhalder

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Move along please Somerhalder...

5. Robert Pattinson is Edward Cullen. Let it go.
We loved Rob in Twilight - but taking him over to Fifty Shades would have been weird. The fact that the plot is basically the same without vampires is where the similarities should end. There, we said it.

6. Charlie Hunnam isn't shy of a sex scene
This is him at 19 as Nathan in Queer as Folk. Think of all he's learnt since then. We're sure that he will take sex scenes very seriously.

7. He was the only good thing in Pacific Rim
Sorry Idris Elba – that role was not for you. Charlie saved your ass.

8. Benefit of the doubt
For arguments sake, let's presume EL James, director Sam Taylor-Johnson and the good casting people at Universal Pictures and Focus Features don't want to mess up the biggest film release of 2014. No doubt Hunnam had to jump through a lot of hoops to prove he was right for this role. Just sayin', let's leave it to the professionals.

9. He was once in Byker Grove
'Nuff said.



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