From Iggy Azalea flashing to Miley Cyrus smoking, it's the EMAs round up!

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The MTV European Music Awards took place last night in Amsterdam - here's all the gossip

Miley Cyrus accepting award - emas - smoking weed -

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The EMAs got under way last night and we were all just waiting to see what Miley Cyrus was going to do.

Well, unsurprisingly she gave us a few things to talk about.

Firstly there was her outfit - a Tupac and Biggie 'Stop The Violence' dress. You have to see it to believe it.

Then there was her oh-so-revealing leotard that she changed into to accept her award for best Video, for Wrecking Ball.

That wasn't all. Miley also lit up a suspicious looking roll-up cigarette when she was handed her award.

How wild of you Miley..yawn.

Katy Perry added fuel to the fire with her Twitter conversation with Miley before the ceremony.

Miley Cyrus - emas performance - midget - little people - we can't stop -

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The joked about a special "#afterparty" to make the most of their Amsterdam locale.

But it wasn't just Miley setting tongues wagging.

Iggy Azalea left us all feeling a little blinded after a serious wardrobe malfunction.

She was readjusting her skirt, with sky high slits, and showed everyone more than she bargained for.

However, the rapper then took to Twitter to address the photo and even Instagrammed the snap.

She said, "Lol! That's my ass from the front not my pussy!!!! Bahahaha! I glued my panties to my pussy before I went out I'm not that stupid."

Take a look and judge for yourself...

Iggy Azzalea - wardrobe malfunction - instagram - flash

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Robin Thicke surprised no one with his scantily clad lady dancers, much like Miley and her little people.




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