Easy ways to have a pet without the responsibility

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From cat cafes to borrowing someone's dog, here's a few easy ways to get your pet fix without owning one of your own.

It's true, pets can cost a lot in vets bills, food, grooming and pet sitting and even though every animal owner will tell you the awesome rewards outweigh the costs, sometimes owning a cat or dog is just not a feasible option.

Whether it be apartment rules, limited space or just no time, when it comes to getting your pet fix, sometimes you've got to think out of the box.

From stroking a cat (or five) at a cat cafe to walking someone else's dog, here's a few easy ways to play with a cat or dog without having the responsibility.

Lady Dinah's cat emporium

lady dinahs cat emporium - cat cafe - london - feature - day bag - handbag.com

© Instagram / ladydinah'scats

Based on the success of Japanese cat cafes, Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium is the first cat cafe to open its doors in London and its popularity is growing thick and fast.

Teeming with feline friends like Wookie and Mue, you can sip on an espresso while watching the kitties run around or chill with one on your lap.

You'll not want to leave.


lady dinahs cat emporium - cat cafe - london - feature - day bag - handbag.com

© Instagram / ladydinah'scats

Like Tinder for dog lovers.

At BorrowmyDoggy, profile holders can browse the directory of potential suitors and connect with the owner of your potential new furry friend to either walk or look after for a short period of time.

Although fairly new, the site has a huge following already and we're not surprised.

Who wouldn't want to prance with a poodle or frolic with a frenchie?

Battersea's Kitten shower

kitten shower Battersea Cats and Dogs home - London - feature - day bag - handbag.com

© Battersea Cats and Dogs Home

In honour of Prince George's birthday (24th July), Battersea Cats and Dogs Home are opening up their London Cattery for a kitten shower, so the public can come and play with the little rascals in a specially designed creche.

Space is limited and it's also ticket holders only so get your tix booked to secure your place. It's bound to be cuter than cute.

Warning: you'll want to take one home...oh the torture.

Tokyo's cat pub

tokyo cat pub - london - feature - day bag - handbag.com

© Twitter

Fancy going further afield to see animals?

Tokyo's just opened the very first cat pub called Neko Bar Akanasu where you can sip on a glass of red while petting a kitty.

As long as you're ok with munching on some pub grub next to the furry critters, you'll love this place.

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