Easy ways to improve your social life and make new friends

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Want to meet new people? Try expanding your social circles with these fun activities and think-outside-the-box ideas.

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Get your friends (and your friends of friends of friends) together and give these 6 simple event ideas a try. All of them can be done from the comfort of your own home and they don't cost the earth. What's not to love?

Easy ways to improve your social life

Change something 'unmoveable' and throw a celebration

Have Christmas in August (complete with a turkey roast and party hats) or change your birthday from winter to high summer. It's a fun and spontaneous way to celebrate with your friends.

Have a cookbook party

Give each of your friends a cookbook, either from your own collection or ones you've picked up from a charity shop, and tell them to bring a dish from it to a dinner party. Ask them to bring a prop that sums up their food culture and spend the evening discussing your favourite meals ever.

Invent a new tradition

Try and start a routine that you follow every week, month or year with a special group of friends. Organise an old-fashioned slumber party with face masks, manicures and old movies and vow to do it every six months.

Start a book club

Invite your friends around with a few bottles of wine and discuss the latest chart-topping read. Chose your favourite scene, read your favourite passage out loud or try and make up and alternative ending.

Welcome in the seasons

We all make the most of the summer by dashing to the nearest BBQ, but what about welcoming in the winter? Put on your favourite winter outfit and throw a 'Winter Wonderland' party. Or you could organise a winter clothes swap-shop, where everyone brings two pieces to trade with someone else for the season.

Start a group project

Prepare a scrap book full of pictures and memories for a friend's birthday or start a joint saving scheme for a weekend abroad. Have James Bond style 'planning meetings' where everyone takes responsibility for a different area - not only will this bring you closer together, but it will also help to make big plans more realistic.

For more great advice, pick up a copy of The Book of Doing by Allison Arden.

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