DIY craft project: Sew your own luxury makeup brush holder

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Store your makeup brushes in style with this quick and easy beauty craft project.

Make up Bag craft project Girls Night In

© Photos Tiffany Mumford and Verity Welstead

This cute and quirky craft project from our new favourite book Girls' Night In provides you with somewhere to cleanly store and easily transport your make-up brushes.

How to make your own fabric makeup brush holder

You will need:

Piece of heavyweight fabric 70cm long x 48cm wide, (for example linen, denim, canvas or a heavy cotton)
Soft fabric pencil
50cm of 1cm-wide ribbon


  • Press your fabric until there are absolutely no creases. Lay the fabric in front of you widthways across the wrong side of the fabric: right side down and with one of the shorter edges nearest to you.

  • Using a soft pencil, mark three lines, the first 20cm from the top, the second 26cm below the first and the third 15cm below the second.

  • Fold the fabric along the two outer lines with right sides together (at the first and third foldlines).

  • Press the folds. Pin the side edges together and stitch along the edges leaving a 1cm seam allowance.

  • Turn the fabric right side out, using a pencil to push out the corners. Press flat. Next, press under the seam allowance between the two 'pockets'.

  • Then fold along the remaining pencil line (the second foldline) to enclose the raw edges and pin the sides together to form the brush pocket. Topstitch along the sides of the pocket.

  • To make the individual brush pockets, simply stitch straight lines along the front pocket. This can be done according to the sizes of your brushes – for my roll I have sewn five 4cm-wide pockets, four 5cm and one 6cm, with sizes ascending from left to right.

  • Press the ribbons in half lengthways, with wrong sides together.

  • Fold under by 1cm along each long edge and press again. Turn in each end and stitch all the way around the edge of the ties.

  • To finish, stitch one tie to the back of the right-hand side of the roll, 4cm in from the edge and just above the pocket line. Repeat with the other tie on the other side of the roll. Fill with your favourite brushes and roll up.

  • Courtesy of Girls' Night In by Hannah Read-Baldrey, published by Quadrille, £16.99, Photos Tiffany Mumford and Verity Welstead.

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