Life skills: How to make the best cup of coffee everytime

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Stop making inconsistent and generally rubbish coffee. Life is too short. Instead, get yourself some barista level skills with these expert tips.

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Have you had your first cup of coffee yet today? Who are you kidding, of course you have. The UK has become a nation of coffee drinkers, drinking up to 70 million cups of it a day.

But there's a world of difference between a mug of hastily made instant coffee and a cup of something aromatic that's been properly ground and brewed for your drinking delight.

We say life is too short to drink crap coffee. So we spoke to Tim Williams, Director of Operations at Workshop Coffee Co who shared his tips for doing it right.

Tips for making a perfect cup of coffee

1. Buy better coffee

Be sure to buy your coffee from a coffee roasting company or specialist coffee retailer.

Companies you should trust will always include a 'Roasted On' date on their bags, and provide you at least some information about the farm or region that the coffee is from. A 'country of origin' is not enough.

2. Invest in a burr grinder

Even a hand operated mill from someone like Hario or Porlex will do. Grinding your coffee fresh, right before you brew with it will make such a staggering difference to the quality in the cup that you'll regret not having done it earlier.

Blade or spice 'grinders' simply chop up the coffee, and produce poor results.

3. Use a water filter

The majority of tap water in the UK has greater-than-desired mineral content. As a result, that great coffee you've bought has a very difficult time releasing it's solubles, and the result is flat, lifeless and dull cup. Brita make some great filter jugs, they're cheap and they're available in most supermarkets.

4. Weigh your ingredients

Just like baking a cake, brewing coffee well is based on a recipe.

Eyeballing scoops of coffee will make your brews inconsistent at best. Try to use 60g of coffee beans for every litre of coffee you want to brew. A £5 set of scales is all you need to get this right every time.

5. Adjust your grind

If your coffee is tasting weak or thin, it could be that your grind is too coarse. Conversely, if it's tasting bitter, heavy or silty, it might be that your grind is too fine.

Try adjusting your grinder until you find the right setting for that coffee, and don't forget: adjusting your grind is a waste of time, if you're not following point four and weighing your ingredients.

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