How to make the perfect cup of tea

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And the definitive answer to whether to add the milk first or last.

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Bad news people. Making the perfect cup of tea is the fundamental rule of being British, and we've been doing it all wrong.

But before you hang up your Union Jack flag for good, check out these life-saving (yes, we said life-saving) tips to make the perfect cup of tea Her Majesty The Queen would approve of, courtesy of Twinings Master Blender Philippa Thacker has.

  1. Always start with freshly drawn cold water.

  2. Never re-boil the kettle as this deoxygenates the water making the tea dull and lacking flavour.

  3. If making in a teapot warm it first by swilling with hot water before adding the tea.

  4. Add 1 teaspoon of leaves /1 teabag per person. If you like your tea strong then add 1 spoon or bag 'for the pot'.

  5. Water temperature is important. If making black tea, pour the water straight onto the tea as soon as the kettle has boiled. For green tea, allow the water to cool for 5 minutes before adding the water. This should reduce the bitter notes which sometime occur when using boiling water.

  6. Brew according to your preference – we'd recommend up to a maximum of 5 minutes to obtain the full flavour from a black tea, or a shorter time if you like lighter tea.

  7. Brew green tea for a maximum of 2 minutes if using teabags; 3 minutes for loose tea is sufficient, otherwise the tea will taste too 'dry'.

  8. If you drink black tea with milk, add a small splash before adding the tea (even if brewing in a mug), this will help to prevent a film forming on the surface. You can then top up with more milk as preferred.

  9. Use a carbon based water filter if you live in a hard water area. This will ensure your tea looks nice and bright and retains its lively taste. It will also assist with preventing a film forming on the surface of your tea.

  10. Experiment with your tea making to find the ideal amount of tea and brew time for your perfect cuppa!



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