Life skills: How to plan a celebrity party

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Want to plan a party the likes of Kim Kardashian and Beyonce would attend? Just follow these tips.

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Want to throw a party that the likes of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Cara Delevingne would kill to attend?

Follow these tips by celebrity event planner Meredith O'Shaughnessy, the founder of Meredith Bespoke, who has orchestrated events for the likes of Manolo Blahnik and Vivienne Westwood.

It's all in the detail
"Every single little bit matters. From the level of the lighting right down to making sure the straws are appropriate for the glasses the drinks are being served in. You don't want anything to jar the mind or feel out of place.

People also love the personal touch. For one birthday party we sourced silver hip flasks and had them engraved with the date of the event and a personal message from the host. We then filled them with cocktails and served them chilled. Guests could have the flasks refilled throughout the night and at the end of the evening had a wonderful memento of the celebration to take home with them."

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© Meredith Bespoke

Be inventive
"Always be aware of new trends and original concepts and then add your own unique twist. For one client we designed a 'transparent' dinner. The setting was in a glass sided penthouse overlooking the Thames.

Dinner was served off glass plates on a Perspex table with transparent chairs. All the dishes were transparent in some way, with jellies and ices showing off hidden treasures inside. The bar was a scientific lab with white-coated 'cocktail surgeons' serving test tubes of bejewelled coloured liquids over dry ice. Imagine the unexpected and then make it happen."

Be discreet
"Celebrities value their privacy and it's imperative you respect that. Events and parties should be a time for people to come together, interact and have fun. Many of our clients are in the public eye 24/7 so it's our job to create an environment where they can truly relax.

This is true even when we are doing public facing events with global brands. What happens behind the scenes stays behind the scenes!"

how to plan a celebrity party - day bag - handbag

© Meredith Bespoke

Presentation is everything
"From the location to the post-event thank you cards, it all needs to be flawless. The anticipation of going to a truly fantastic event should start from the moment you receive the invite. People are giving up their time to come to something you have created so respect that by making sure that everything is to the best possible standard."

Make your guests feel special
"How will they be welcomed? Who will they be introduced to? Be as personal as possible. Can you provide a car service for them to get home? Have you got umbrellas to greet them at the door with if the weather is inclement? These are the things that make the difference to people's memories of an event."

Be outrageous
"Everyone wants something to talk about, so hire that glittery pink flamingo and put it in the middle of the room, people will love it!"

Make it fun
"We always encourage our clients to keep speeches to a minimum. Is there another way to get the message across? From holograms to actors hosting each table presenting the evening as a series of scenes from a play it all add to the interactive experience. And if in doubt….DISCO!"

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