Katy Perry on love, perfume and not washing her hands

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Roar singer Katy Perry spoke to us about her new fragrance Royal Revolution and her Handbag Confessions...including what she carries to ensure her next guy is better than Russell Brand.

2014_05_30__ Katy Perry Royal_Revolution_love and not washing her hands - handbag confessions - handbag.com
We sat down with Katy Perry to talk all things Royal Revolution and of course just what rattles around the superstar's Chanel backpack.

The Roar singer talked us through her new fragrance and let us in on a few of those weird little quirks that make her the type of woman that totally pulls off green hair and an LED stage dress.

What do you ALWAYS carry with you?
"We have these [Royal Revolution] in all different sizes. We have a smaller one (15ml), it's so sweet I love it. It's adorable, so you can pop it in your purse you know, in that little side pocket."

Smelling good may be a priority but it's not her only one.

"Other than that I always have headphones because I'm always listening to music."

Of course.

"I also always have a small hairbrush, Orbie dry texturising spray, oh and green tea."

How do you apply your perfume?

"I like to apply a big spray at the beginning of the day and walk through it, I never really apply it on.

I put it in my hair too!

Sometimes if you put it directly on your skin it's a bit too intense - any fragrance - but if i'm out all day and can't go home then it's nice to have a little go-to."

Katy Perry Royal Revolution perfume bottle - handbag.com

What's the most unusual thing we'd find in there?

"I have rose quartz a crystal in my purse at all times, to make sure I attract the right kind of love."

After her troubled love life we're rooting for the power of the crystal.

She is the first to admit that as famous as she is, she still has to go through all the personal shit everyone else does.

Your strangest handbag habit?

"I have to have lotion, I'm one of those girls, I love to wash my hands but if there's no lotion I won't wash my hands - Is that weird?

I just can't have dry hands, I don't want to feel like a dinosaur all day!

I'd rather have dirty hands than dry hands - That's weird."

A little bit...

Celebrity beauty product secrets

Killer Queen's Royal Revolution will be available nationwide from July.



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