Baker Lily Vanilli talks healthy cakes and celebrity parties

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We caught up with quirky baker and celebrity caterer, Lily Vanilli to talk cooking mistakes and why she carries her own cookbook in her bag. Baking spoons at the ready.

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© Lily Vanilli/Wild Card

The super imaginative baker, Lily Vanilli, makes cakes and other quirky creations which have earned her cult status within the baking industry.

Her delish treats, which are tailored specifically for each occasion, have featured at a ton of celebs' parties including Elton John and Henry Holland.

During the launch of her recipes for the new Lurpak Cooks Range, she fills us in on the kookiest thing she's ever made, what she'll be up to this summer and who's the next great baker.

Can you remember the first thing you ever baked?

It was a Victoria Sponge with my grandmother. She baked things to perfection and quite traditionally.

What would you say is your kookiest baking creation?

I like Red velvet sponge, cream cheese icing and a blackcurrant and raspberry sauce. People buy them a lot for Valentine's Day.

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© Lily Vanilli/Wild Card

Lily Vanilli's kookiest creation: The Beating Heart

What are your top baking tips?

Always use ingredients at the right temperature and consistency, don't open the oven until at least two thirds of the way through the baking time and use the correct sized tin for the recipe as the wrong sized will really impact the final result.

What is a common mistake everyone makes?

The most common mistake would have to be at the wrong temperature. For example, using butter straight from the fridge prevents it from combining with the rest of the ingredients.

Are you getting more call for healthier cakes?

Yes, we try to make cakes healthier, especially adding a gluten free element. My Lurpak recipes include a gluten free carrot cake, we use hazelnuts and olive oil and it's great because it stays moist for up to a week.

Which is the best celeb party you've catered?

It was probably Elton John's White Tie and Tiara Ball.

Which music festivals will you be serving up your treats at this year?

I'll be working at a few this summer but I'm not sure quite yet but I'll be at a festival called Taste of London and have just finished the Cake & Bake Show.

As a founder of the Young British Foodie Awards, are there any up and coming bakers we should keep an eye on?

Poppy from Poppy & Sebastian won the baking award in 2013. She's definitely one to watch.

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© Lily Vanilli/Wild Card

Lily Vanilli's new recipe book Sweet Tooth

First it was the cupcake, then the cronut, what do you think the next cake trend is?

We don't really follow trends. I like to create unique baking creations and don't tend to follow the zeitgeist as I think that's how the real innovation happens – you'll never find something new if you keep following trends.

What's the designer of the handbag you're carrying today?

I'm carrying a bag from a market in Mexico that I bought while I was there. It has lovely embroidery detailing.

What weird things do you have buried in your handbag?

Oh, everything! I have hair straighteners, my own cookbook which makes me feel like a bit of a creep, an apron and make-up. I'm off to do some filming next so all the necessities.

What's the funniest thing that's happened to your handbag?

I always carry funny things in my bag – especially baking tools. I don't carry a purse so I just throw my loose change in the body of the bag and all sorts of other unusual things are found in there.

Lily Vanilli's new recipe book Sweet Tooth is out now and her recipes for the Lurpak Cooks Range can be found at

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