Ten reasons why we miss our old Nokia brick phone...

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Smartphones are amazing, but we still miss our indestructible Nokia 6110...

Nokia brick phones

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Do you remember the good old days when phones had aerials, sepia screens and snake? Well, we do and we can't help but pine for our old brick phones that could withstand nuclear winter without breaking.

The Nokia 6110, 6810 and 3310 were particularly popular in the late 90s, especially because of those 'designer' interchangeable covers that you could buy for them.

They may have looked a bit iffy but there are plenty of reasons why owning a breeze block phone was the business. Take a peek at our homage to the older generation of phones that redefined our social lives....

1. They were indestructible phones:

You could burn them, drop them in puddles, lose them down the toilet, throw then from buildings...even the Hulk couldn't break those old Nokia phones!

2. Are you charging your phone overnight...every night?

Forget that, our old phones could survive for a month on one charge. A month!! The kids just don't know how good we had it.

3. We had really cheap mobile contracts:

Payment plans were easy and dirt cheap, we didn't have to worry about the cost of picture messages or roaming internet usage. Life was just simpler.

4. The ringtones:

None of this downloaded-pop-song-ringtone nonsense, our bricks had half a dozen tinkling tunes to choose from. If a single ringtone can make Dom Jolly famous we reckon that's something worth celebrating....

5. Our old Nokia phones had SNAKE!

Forget Angry Birds and Temple Run - you haven't lived until you've watch yourself slowly wind into a square of doom (or driven your parents mad with the 'eating apples' bleep).

6. We really appreciated our computers

There were clear definitions of what gadget did what. Now we're surfing the web on our phones and checking our emails on the computer...at the same time.

7. The horror of pocket dialing could be avoided:

Accidentally calling another human being was nearly impossible so your voicemail inbox was actually full of voicemails and not rubbish.

8. We always knew what the latest models were:

Phones didn't change so quick back in the day, so your device didn't become out-of-date in twenty minutes (yes, iPhone, we're talking about you).

9. We relied on actual maps and not phone GPS:

If we got lost back in 1997 it wouldn't have even occurred to us to look at our phones, because AA road maps were the business. Now, our phones try and tell us to walk through walls and drive into rivers. Sad times.

10. Brick phones didn't freeze

They definitely didn't suddenly lose signal or stop doing what they're supposed to do for no reason. You didn't have to switch it off and switch it back on again or take it to 'geniuses' who can analyse what's going on. Simple, effective and fit for purpose.

Can you think of anything we've missed out?



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