Jamie Oliver will be cooking Brad and Ange's Christmas dinner

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The popular chef will face his biggest test yet creating a meal for that lot...

Jamie Oliver

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Jamie Oliver's doing well for himself isn't he?

The TV Chef just got A-list approval after he was asked to help cook Brad Pitt and Angelina's Christmas dinner this year.

The popular cook is going to have his hands full considering the fact they have one of the biggest family's Hollywood right now.

A source said: "Jamie has been pals with Brad since he was married to Jennifer Aniston and Ange likes him too.

Jamie will be heading to their Surrey mansion to help prepare Christmas dinner."

Erm, where's our invite?

Apparently Brad actually wanted some cooking lessons from the Chef because he admitted that talking their six kids out for dinner was like a military operation.

We feel your pain Brad, we hate having organise birthday meals!

What dishes do you reckon Jamie's going to cook up for the brood?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

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