X FACTOR 2012: So who nailed their first live show performance?

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Everyone sang, some shimmied, some sobbed - but who do you think should leave the competition first?

X Factor judges
Nicole Scherzinger wore a dangerously sheer blouse, Gary Barlow and Louis Walsh had a fight, Tulisa brought her blunt and bold tough love - X Factor's first live show was rather exciting wasn't it!

But between the judges jibes and Dermot's dapper hugging skills, which of the 13 contestants do you think performed the best?

Remind yourself of them all and cast your (unofficial) vote here...

First up, it's Melanie Masson with A Little Help From My Friends.

Ella Henderson sang Rule The World - Gary was proud.

Jahmene Douglas sang Imagine, and not in a nervous way either!

Carolynne Poole did Starships. Yes, by Nicki Minaj...

Kye Sones took on Man In The Mirror - aaah!

Rylan Clark went high tempo with Gold - please share your thoughts on this!

Jade Ellis sang Hero by Enrique Iglesias. Nope, it's apparently not just a karaoke classic...

MK1 gave us a mash-up of Champions and Everyone's A Winner - apparently inspired by Louis Walsh?

Cuties Union J had a stab at Queen's Don't Stop Me Now!

Lucy Spraggan brought her own song called Mountains to the night themed 'Heroes'. Controversial?

Gritty James Arthur sang, erm, Kelly Clarkson...

District3 did a bit of Tina Turner. Simply The Best...?

And wild card winner Christopher Maloney belted a bit of Mariah Carey! We imagine you can guess which one...

So! Who should stay and who needs to go? Verdicts people, we need your verdicts!
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