Pros and cons of working with a friend

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Tina Fey and Amy Poehler make it look effortless - but there are many stumbling blocks to going into work with your buddy.

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Working with your best friend might sound like a riot - but you might want to think twice before mixing business and besties.

Pros and cons of working with a friend

Con: Your friend knows everything

There's no hiding from a pal. From how many times you've thrown up in the office toilets, your poor time keeping, to that one night stand from your old job - there is not getting away from the past.

Pro: You'll pick up each other's slack

For better or worse, having an ally at the office means you can help each other out of a tight spot. Just as long as this doesn't become one sided.

Con: Competition can cause dramas

If you are working in different departments - then swell. However if you are going after the same promotions or one of you ends up being more senior - remember to rejoice in each others successes and not let it come between your friendship.

Con: Don't let it stop you making other friends

If you come into the office with a ready made friend - don't let it stop you going out for drinks with other people and creating a strong network in the office.

Pro: Communication is a given

We're guessing you'll already be pretty good at talking to one another. This should make communication in the office much easier.

Con: You'll spend a lot of time together

And we mean a lot of time. This might seem great in the beginning - but it may stop you hanging out socially, seen as though you've spent all week together and she really ticked you off in that budget meeting.

Con: Work chat will take over

Make a rule that when you are going out socially with others, you leave the work chat at the door. For the sake of your friendship (and because everyone else will want to thump you both.)

Pro: Buddy love

Despite all the pitfalls - it's got to be a hoot working with your bestie. Right?

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