How to infiltrate the A-list

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Ever gazed at the red carpet longingly, wishing you could sashay down it with the stars? Well, wish no longer with our guide to blagging your way into the most glittering events of the season. Scour the net for upcoming parties in your area, and read on for our sneaky tips. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? By Anna Smith

How to infiltrate the A-list
1. Brazen it outWhen approaching a guest list queue, confidence is your biggest asset. Psych yourself up to walk and talk like a superstar who doesn't just expect doors to be opened for them immediately, but they will be opened. You'll be amazed how people take you at your own estimation. 2. "My name's on the list" It's one of the oldest tricks in the book, but insisting your name is on the list with absolute certainty can work, especially with mid-level parties like TV channel launches. Turning up late can make this easier, when bouncers are more likely to wave you through and assume you're a busy important person rushing from one party to another. You could also try reading a name off the guest list upside down, but bear in mind you could get found out once the real invitee turns up. 3. Befriend the staff Get chatting to the barman at a posh bar or cinema and prime them for tip-offs about upcoming celeb bashes. Don't lead in with the obvious - be genuinely friendly and gradually flatter them with questions about how many famous folk they must get to see/meet. Catering staff and even cleaning staff might also be able to sneak you in, especially early before the doors open. 4. Become the staff A naughty one this, so we couldn't possibly advise it, but let's just say people have been know to dress up as waiting staff in order to get into exclusive bashes, and it sometimes works. You'd have to bring a frock to change into, of course, or you'd end up filling glasses all night. Alternatively, you could apply for a job with a swish catering company, but that might involve having to do some actual work, which is a bit dull.  5. Be outrageous A guy from a newspaper once strolled into a sought-after Oscar bash with a pig on a leash, claiming it was the pig from Babe. If you've got the guts to do something like that, door staff may assume it'd be just too elaborate to be a hoax. You could try dressing like an entertainer - a magician or even a stilt-walker - and claim to be booked for the night. This is where imagination and balls really count. 6. Join the entourage One of the easiest ways to get past door staff is to be with a famous person - but you don't necessarily have to know them. We were once waved into a party without question because we happened to arrive at the same time as Jamie Theakston, and it was assumed we were together. Staff generally hate to question and potentially embarrass celebs or their entourage, so hide out near the door and take full advantage of those arriving stars. 7. Get a famous name Suppose you happened to be called Kate Middleton - it could make getting table at the best restaurants a whole lot easier, right? Equally, you could invent a PA to call up on your behalf and ask about an invite to a posh bash. If you don't happen to share a name with a celeb, pick an alias that happens to be the same as a B or C-lister - their representation might be less well known. This is risky, but you might be lucky enough to get a newbie who doesn't ask too many questions, and who will send you an invite in the post so you're not exposed on the door. Careful though: don't explicitly pose as the real deal - you might get arrested! 8. Dress to impress Obvious but crucial: make sure you glam up in a sophisticated outfit that doesn't look cheap or tacky. Leave that to Jodie Marsh. If you want to be taken seriously, go for elegance rather than tits and ass: you don't want to look try-hard, just rich enough to be there. 9. In through the out door It's amazing how often exits and back doors go unmanned, and if you're quick and nimble enough you might be able to slip in through an outward-swinging door without being noticed. Check out the venues that have separate exits, and case the joint in advance if you want to be really thorough.  10. Act the part Once you're in, don't forget that some party organisers have been known to eject gatecrashers who've made it past the first hurdle. Making a beeline for the buffet and throwing champagne down your throat could be a bit of a giveaway - unless you're pretending to be a journalist, that is. Walk slowly, smile and be friendly to guests. Avoid acting like a fan with celebrities - if you do get into conversation, talk to them about something other than their work, or praise a little-known or unsuccessful project they hold dear. They'll love you for it. 
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