I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! highlights

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We take a look at the highlights from this year's I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! highlights
With season nine of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! coming to an end, we take a look at this year's biggest highlights!

Camilla Dellarup cops out

Camilla Dellarup, the first to shout I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, walked because she wasn't feeling very well. Interviewed on GMTV afterwards, she explained she was suffering from a lack of food, "The doctor said on medical grounds I should leave. Because I had no reserve, no body fat that I could take from."

When asked if she left because Katie Price came into the jungle she said, "Katie was absolutely lovely. The night that I wasn't feeling very well she said come and wake me up. I'm used to getting up in the night with my children, and she was really, really helpful."

Katie Price returns to the jungle

Before being allowed back into the I'm A Celebrity... jungle Katie Price had to endure a Bushtucker Trial. Swimming around in a leopard print one-piece, Katie had to find some stars at the bottom of a stinking pit of bugs, insects and water. She finally returned to the camp stinking to high heaven. Classy! Her prize for winning stars in her trial? She got to pick some gifts to take to camp, exclaiming, "Oh my god! They'll love me!" Then Katie had to choose whether to sacrifice the camp's luxury items for her presents (tea, chocolate, etc). She chose to take her gifts with her, much to the dismay of Lucy Benjamin, whose luxury item was a picture of her family.

Crazy celebrities

Kim Woodburn wins this year's award for the craziest I'm A Celebrity... contestant. Kim became known as the contestant who walked around camp talking to inanimate objects, including her bras and knickers. Lucy Benjamin commented to other contestants that Kim "witters to herself" while celebrity chef Gino said, "She has a conversation with her bra for 10 minutes. I never knew anyone who can talk with their bra."

Katie Price's jungle tests

After a few days in the jungle it became clear that Katie Price wasn't going to have a break from Bushtucker Trials anytime soon. When she found out she'd be doing a trial for the fourth time Katie said, "I'm a bit p*ssed off to be honest, because it's just how much more can a person take? People have seen me do it now. Let someone else have a go."

By the end of her time in the jungle Katie had been voted six days in a row for a Bushtucker Trial, and she wasn't happy about it.

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