Blogger of the week: Lulabellamozzerella

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Meet our blogger of the week

Blogger of the week: Lulabellamozzerella
This week's Blogger of the week goes to Lulabellamozzerella, who's weighing up the pros and cons of Valentines day. Read on for her take on Cupid...

St Cupid vs St Stupid?


Number one: There is significantly less chocolate on the shelves. And what is left is either the uber expensive stuff (because no man loves their woman quite enough to justify spending £40 on a box of choccies); or that healthy dark cocoa crap the likes of Gillian McKeith rave about.

Number two: Knowing that your parents will be doing it because it's a 'special occasion'.

Number Three: Thanks to the preconception that on February 14th all women morph into sex goddesses, it is officially the first day since the Christmas party season that we have to shave our legs.

Number Four: Social Networking. Nobody wants the world (especially the ex), knowing that they were 'online' at 9.30pm on V day, thus thou must: a)Painstakingly destroy all evidence of our online stalking, b) go to extreme lengths to hint subtly that we have plans.... 'Victoria Barker HAS A HOT DATE!' Only to have your nice but dim friend publicly comment 'But I thought you said you were staying in to watch The Notebook with your cat?'

Number Five: Clubbing. In theory, a great night out for all the single ladies, optimum chance to pull and a wonderful way to display to the world how much you DON'T need a man. In reality, you only have one single friend who is more of an acquaintance (and let's be honest a little bit weird); your male menu consists of Sleazy McSleazyson in the corner or Mr BO on the dance floor and finally, you do care. So much so that the majority of the evening is spent locked in a toilet cubicle, wailing into your 7th glass of rose about how unlovable you are.

Number Six: PDA's. That's 'Public Displays of Affection' to us mere mortals. Yep, we get it. You're in love yada yada yada, but I really didn't need a side of tongue sandwich with my Pizza Hut thanks. Which, for some reason costs £5 more than usual on this 'special day.'


Number One: It is all about the woman. The unwritten rule of February 14th is that women should be serenaded with jewellery, flowers, chocolates and lovely food. Men, on the other hand have to be satisfied with you in hot underwear. Which, let's face it, was more for yourself anyway.

Number Two: Valentine's is the one evening of the year where your squeeze has to take you somewhere nicer than the grotty pub to watch him and his mates get rat-arsed. This in turn, gives you the perfect excuse to show off that never-been-worn dress that has been gathering dust in the back of your wardrobe since the honeymoon period ended.

Number Three: The guy you've been eyeing up over the frozen peas in the supermarket has a good excuse to finally pluck up the courage and ask you out. Or vice versa, if you have the balls.

Number Four: Let's be honest shall we? Who doesn't secretly enjoy having an excuse to self indulgently stuff a box of choccies, watch Bridget Jones and murder James Blunt songs with her favourite girls?

Number Five: Erm... the colour red is nice?

Okay, so the pros are a little limited. Yet, I can't help but feel unexplainably giddy-girl excited about the prospect of an evening alone with the other half. Maybe it's the wine, maybe it's the suffocating waft of red roses, maybe it's Hallmark slowly penetrating my mind. Or maybe, dare I say, it's the L word...

Read the rest of Lulabellamozzerella's blog here

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