Dr Phil throws Brittany Murphy's husband out

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American talk show host Dr Phil McGraw angrily called an end to an interview with Brittany Murphy's husband.

Dr Phil throws Brittany Murphy's husband out
Dr Phil "flew into a rage" and cancelled an interview with Brittany Murphy's husband, Simon Monjack, the National Enquirer reports. An insider claims the talk show host was filming an interview about the actress's tragic death with Monjack when a member of the production team handed Dr Phil a note telling him Murphy's husband had already given interviews to other media outlets. "He basically threw the guy out," the source claims. "I've never seen Dr. Phil so angry. He screamed at Simon, 'What the hell is going on here? This was supposed to be exclusive and now I find out you've been shooting your mouth off all over town. I'm pulling the plug on this one. We're done!'

"Simon looked stunned. He'd been sitting there doing this sympathetic interview, and then suddenly he was being shuffled out," the insider added. "Dr. Phil didn't want to have anything to do with Simon after discovering he wasn't the first person to interview him."
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