You should know about... this week

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The latest entertainment news and releases this week.

You should know about... this week

The Blindside

There's a huge buzz around The Blindside, and not just because of Sandra Bullock's personal issues. Sandy picked up an Oscar for her role in the film. Based on the true story of Michael Oher, a homeless African-American youngster from a troubled background who is taken in by the Touhys, a well-off white family who help him to realise and fulfil his potential. While Oher is in the Touhy's lives he teaches them some lessons about themselves leading to self-discoveries of their own.More Sandra Bullock gossip on handbag.comMore celebrity gossip on

The Blindside is in cinemas now.



2012 is perfect Saturday afternoon viewing, escape and watch the world be destroyed! A little morbid, but wholly entertaining never the less. The year is 2012, and ancient Mayan theories that the world is going to end are coming true. Dr Adrian Helmsley, a geographer, learns that the earth's core temperature is rising and warns the President the planet is becoming unstable and the entire human race is doomed. Meanwhile, writer Jackson Curtis stumbles upon the same information. Curtis' main focus is to save his family. What ensues is absolute chaos, but can anyone be saved?

Expect unfathomable explosions, destruction and some near-misses that leave you aghast at how much the director expected you to believe a single man could be put through. But expect to be thoroughly entertained.

2012 is out to own on DVD now.


Craig David: Signed, Sealed Delivered

After a three year hiatus, Craig David is back with his new album Signed Sealed Delivered having signed with Universal Music at the beginning of 2010. The first track from his album One More Lie (Standing In The Shadows) was released just last week. Like all of David's other albums Signed, Sealed Delivered is a must-have.

Craig David Signed Sealed Delivered is out to own now.


HardRock Calling: Stevie Wonder

Tickets went on sale on Friday for this year's HardRock Calling, and if you haven't already bagged yours, you might want to get on it, pronto. Tickets are one of the hottest on the festival circuit as Stevie Wonder has been announced as a headliner. Buy your tickets here.


Eat Me!

As if you needed another excuse to join the cupcake revolution. Eat Me! is your new best friend. Written by the infamous Cookie Girl, Xanthe Milton, Eat Me! is divided by seasons with recipes for every occasion. With 80 mouth-watering recipes, gorgeous design and brilliant photography the recipe book itself looks good enough to eat.

Eat Me! is £15.00 you can buy it here.

Culinary delights:

Beer and chocolate

If you haven't already eaten your way through your supply of Easter eggs this year (we shame-facedly admit that we have), you might want to consider trying a new combination, beer and chocolate. OK, stick with us. We went along to a Bittersweet Partnership (who feel women are missing a trick when it comes to beer) Beer and Chocolate evening earlier in March to discover why every man's favourite tipple and every woman's best friend compliment each other so well. And we had ourselves a very merry time.

Here's one of our favourite recipes to get you started:


420g dark chocolate

380ml double cream

zest of 2 limes

80ml Coors Light

200g chocolate for melting

200g cocoa powder for rolling


Boil the cream with the lime zest and leave aside for 20 minutes to infuse. Then re-boil the cream and add the chocolate pieces, mix together until the chocolate is melted then add the beer to taste. Set then shape, refrigerate, to shape your truffles and dip into melted chocolate. Roll in cocoa powder. Yum.

This week's crush:

Aaron Johnson

He's proved his versatility by playing a nerd turned superhero in Kick-Ass and he's in one of the world's most high-profile relationships with Sam Taylor-Wood. Just two reasons why you should know about Aaron Johnson. He's this week's celebrity crush too.

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