Chris Noth reveals Sex And The City "torture"

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Hollywood actor Chris Noth has described making the new Sex And The City movie as "torture".

Chris Noth reveals Sex And The City "torture"
Chris Noth has revealed that reprising his role in the upcoming Sex And The City sequel was "a nightmare". Noth plays Carrie Bradshaw's Mr Big in the franchise and has admitted he struggled to get, and stay in shape, for the new film. "It was a nightmare," Showbiz Spy quote Chris saying. "I went to a health resort down in Brazil to get fit and work off my belly then came back, only for the girls to leave me and go off filming in Morocco for three months. I had to try and keep trim and fit until they got back and we could pick up shooting again. It was hard!"Sex And The City is release on 28 May.
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