Jack Tweed criticises Jeff Brazier

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Former Celebrity Big Brother contestant Jack Tweed has said Jeff Brazier is being "really out of order" by not letting him see Jade Goody's sons.

Jack Tweed criticises Jeff Brazier
Jack Tweed has slammed Jeff Brazier for banning him from seeing Jade Goody's two sons. Last year, while Tweed was held in prison having being accused of rape, Brazier banned Jade's widower of spending time with his sons Bobby, 7, and Freddy, 5. However, despite being cleared of all charges, Tweed says the ban is still in place. "Brazier has stopped me from seeing Bobby and Freddy. I could see why in the beginning. I had just been arrested, I was out partying all the time and you wouldn't want kids around that," Jack told Star magazine. "Obviously, it was a hard time. But now I am getting on with things, so I think he should give me a chance to see the kids. But there is nothing I can say when they are his kids - legally I have no rights. It does wind me up though - sometimes I think he is being really out of order about it.

"Like when he goes on that Superdaddy show," Jack added. "From when Freddy was born until five, I basically brought him up and he saw him once every two weeks. So if that is a superdad, I am the Queen!"
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