Katie Price to 'concentrate on writing'

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Reality TV star Katie Price has said she plans to focus on her literary career after flopping as a popstar.

Katie Price to `concentrate on writing'
Katie Price has announced plans to concentrate on writing novels after giving up her music career. Last week, Katie's single, Free To Love Again, missed the UK top 40 while her performance on GMTV was widely mocked. However, Price has said she will now concentrate on 'writing' fiction, but admitted she uses a ghost writer, former journalist Rebecca Farnworth. "She knows how to put a book together. I don't. I'm not a writer," Price told the Sun. "I sort of say a plot and how I want it and then each chapter I go through with Rebecca.

"It's a story about a couple and then another man gets involved. It sounds very similar to my life, actually," she revealed of her next book. "It's like Rebecca and me are predicting what's going to happen to me in my life. The character might get back with her ex, she might not."
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