Are James Franco and Lana Del Rey dating?

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James Franco's used Instagram to get the ladies again, he's still posting about his 'obsession' with Lana Del Rey. Are they secretly dating or is this just embarrassing?

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James Franco may have stopped posting creepy naked photos of himself with his hands down his pants, but he's been acting typically odd - this time it's all about Lana Del Rey.

The actor took to his Instagram to share his affections for the singer.

He posted a photo of her music video with the caption, "HAPPY BDAY LANA DEL REY!! I'm OBSESSED with the RIDE video! @lanadelrey".

On Friday, James posted a snap of the two of them together, "LANA LANA LANA (My new friend)".

Now we all know how much Franco loves an all-caps but if we were Lana we'd tread carefully.

Since then he's posted many a snap of the two of them together, as well as some more of him just 'fangirling' out at her picture.

Lana Del Rey on rolling stone magazine cover - james franco post - obsession -

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For instance, he just shared a picture of Lana on the cover of Rolling Stone.

We all know what happened the last time James Franco used social media to speak to a lady, sorry, girl.

Lana Del Rey has recently broken up with her boyfriend but was since spotted with Italian director, Francesco Carrozzini.

She told 20 Minuten, "We are currently not together. He is a wonderful person. But there are some things with which he has to deal.

I will not explain it in detail. This was hard on our relationship, I no longer felt free. We'll see how it goes."

Sounds like she's got a thing for arty, tortured types so this could be a match made in heaven...then again, maybe he's just embarrassing himself.

Lana Del Rey - new boyfriend francesco carrozzini - james franco - dating -

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Lana's new man Francesco Carrozzini?



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