Aaron Johnson and Sam Taylor-Wood expecting second child

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The 21-year-old actor will be a dad for the second time.

In slightly vomit-inducing news this morning, hunky but hairy 21-year-old actor Aaron Johnson is set to be a dad for the second time, as Sam Taylor-Wood is expecting another baby.

Look, I get it, they're in love. They say it all the time. They kiss for the cameras. He's "so good" with her two kids from her marriage to Jay Jopling. They've been together for all of TWO YEARS. But it still all feels a bit creepy when she's 44.

Talk to me when I'm 44 and perhaps I'll have a different opinion though…

Anyhow, Aaron has been let off his leash to film some movies lately, including Albert Nobbs with Glenn Close, and the upcoming The Savages with Emile Hirsch and Blake Lively. Chances are that'll be the last thing he works on for a while though, with Sam expecting and a wedding still to plan.

So, congrats to Sam and Aaron, I guess…

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